1. An Anal Arrangement

    1/20/2019: Authors note: This story was requested by a reader who apparently has a passion for anal sex and was not satisfied at home. I did not use any real names in this submission. ***** PRELUDE Charlotte was in her office with the door locked. She was kneeling on the seat of her executive chair facing the back of it and she was completely naked. Her younger co-worker Brad, also naked, was standing behind read Sex Story
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  2. Liverpool Cabbie

    1/20/2019: Im a married cabbie from Liverpool. About 6 months ago i picked up 2 girls near the town centre late, they were quite drunk singing and both very sexy. They had been on a works night out and said they worked at a dental practice that was local.They were very loud laughing but making small talk when one of them said "Do you think my mates fit shes single?" I laughed and said of course but didnt know which girl said it. They both had dark hair and one leaned forward saying can we go a garage she had a lovely smile, the other was on her phone which light up her body and she had great tits They w read Sex Story
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  3. Real Pleasure, Is When Men Force You

    1/20/2019: I left the bar and made my way home, the few drinks I had, had tempered my day's anguish and frustrations at work, I knew deep down alcohol was not the answer, but just to find the peace and solace a place to gather ones thoughts and feel that warm glow of escapism as the outside world hectically flies past. Filing for divorce against an errant husband leaves and angry streak running through you. You want to get even because everyone told you so, but you chose to remain confident you could change him, but in the end, your faith was tested and burned and crashed. By the second wine I was read read Sex Story
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  4. Anal Ravishment

    1/20/2019: Amanda Thompson stands in front of a mirror. She holds an angel costume up against her sexy body, admiring herself. She looks up and down the costume, liking the length of it. She decides to try it on in the dressing room. Amanda takes the costume over and summons the saleswoman. "May I help you?" the saleswoman says. "Yes, you can. I would like to try this on." Amanda says "Okay ma'am, right this read Sex Story
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  5. My first introduction to a new world.

    1/20/2019: I had arrived home earlier in the week, from my fly in /fly out job, So lucky to have a roster of eight days on and six days off, but my lover come mistress worked on a different site, her roster was two weeks on and one week off, my flight home was always early in the morning, my first priority was to collect her dog from her sister, and do whatever needed to be done, house cleaning, food shop read Sex Story
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  6. having a nice session with her Papa…

    1/20/2019: A lovely lustful adventure of dad and daughter… Rajesh is a 48 years old guy, working as a manager for one of the reputed banks. His family consisted of his wife Savitri (45) and two beautiful daughters Nisha (23) who's married now and Esha(21) who's marriage is fixed. Although Rajesh was 48, he looked read Sex Story
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  7. Loni's story

    1/19/2019: Let us venture back to that Memorial Day right after Loni returned to her futon. She couldn't believe how hot and horny she was for Mike. Now she was always around boys at her job and at the city pool, but none of them had this effect on her. She blamed the fact that she had just recently lost her cherry to the skilled hands and cock of her Drama teacher and Mike bore a strong resemblence read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Author: ThePhantom, Source: LushStories
  8. My Philippines Adventure Chapter 19

    1/19/2019: That next morning I woke and all the ladies were gone. I started to shower and get ready for another day with the hopes of possibly leaving the hotel when came a knock on my door. I threw on my robe and answered the door and there stood my Lady Friend looking a little tired and frazzled from her journey back. After she told me of her trip I suggested that she take a nice shower and relax. She asked if I would come with her so I stood up, opened my robe and stuck my hard cock right into her very willing mouth. I started to face fuck her hard while she gagged on my rod. Tears streamed down her f read Sex Story
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  9. I Had Sex with Mom

    1/19/2019: There is no doubt that my mother was beautiful, she was 41, looked at least 8 or 10 years younger, with almost the same body she had when she was a high school cheer leader. My father had died in an auto accident when I was 6 and she had not remarried. Mom had a well paying job in the finance department of an international electronics company and with a substantial inheritance from her father we read Sex Story
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  10. First time dominated part1

    1/19/2019: Well it was a really long time ago I was 18 and never had any girlfriend , I was 18 just finished high school. It was summer and in that time I had a really hot neighbour, her name was Jane she would come back from college in summer . She had two hot friends Ann and Emily they would come at her house in the summer , they were in college too and in that time they must be around 22 years old.Ann was read Sex Story
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