1. Mother & Son - when lust takes over

    11/15/2018: Alison closed the door behind her and left a sigh of disappointment as she watched out of the window to see the car disappear. Another attempt to date, another failure. Jake was a great guy, handsome , smart and successful but that wasn’t enough for Alison. In a couple of weeks it would be 7 years since her husband’s death but she still couldn’t find the strength to move on. She was a gorgeous woman, her juicy curvy body and her beautiful face were always the centre of attention everywhere she went. Being so wanted and knowing that every man was extremely jealous of her husband was very flatte read Sex Story
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  2. Good Mother

    11/15/2018: I had just turned 18 and sex was on my mind continually and has been from an early age. The only way to find some relief was to musterbate at least 2 or 3 times a day. I had a few girly magazines and I'd fantasize what it would be like to slip my cock in to the cunts of those women, or play with their boobs, specially the ones with real big ones. When I didn't have those magazines in front of me, read Sex Story
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  3. One Black Night Pregnant

    11/15/2018: Mike and I had been married for a few years and he had wanted k**s the entire time we've been married. I had resisted his wish for c***dren at first as I was focused on my career more than starting a family. One day I decided I was ready to fulfill his wish. I was going to surprise him by giving him a baby. I secretly went off the pill and used a diaphragm for a few months. Then when I decided it was finally time I made excuses for not having sex until I was ovulating. If you knew how much my husband, Mike loved sex than you would wonder how I kept sex from him for so long. It wasn't an ea read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, First Time, Interracial, Author: 425olds, Source: xHamster
  4. L013: Lizzy’s Story: Lizzy’s Vacation 2

    11/15/2018: After our amazing arrival at the resort, Babyland it is called, we both are so tired. We crawl into bed together and fall asleep. We do not wake until mid-evening. My diaper is so wet, but that is mostly from the after-effects of before. As we wake, you, my Daddy, check me. Seeing my diaper is soggy, you take me to the changing table and get me into a new diaper. What can I say, read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, Author: Cammi, Source: LushStories
  5. My new counselor

    11/15/2018: So i have been in counseling on and off a few years to better myself and i have found it very helpful for my general anxiety and depression. The place i go assigns me a caseworker and a Counselor with several other Counselors who specialize. After being quite comfortable with my current Counselor i was deeply saddened and anxious to hear she was leaving and i would be stuck having to get to know a whole new one. So, my old onemade the appointment for me to meet my new one, and i was cautiously optimistic this might go well. I decided it would be a home visit and they both came to my apartment read Sex Story
    Categories: Hardcore, Incest / Taboo, Author: Ace_of_Pents, Source: xHamster
  6. 5000 Words Ch. 01

    11/15/2018: All right, gentle readers, after ten years of reading the stories on this lovely site I have decided to pop my cherry and submit something. Please be gentle *head back, back of my wrist to my forehead*. I welcome, crave, desire, want and need feedback BUT please be constructive at least. Constructive: did you know you changed that character's name from *** to ####. Not Constructive: I hated that read Sex Story
    Categories: BDSM, Author: bylexi251, Source: Literotica
  7. Son has a clean cock.

    11/15/2018: Ana had been married for 20 years. She had a basically good husband and marriage, but, when she was married, she had had very little sexual experiences. Her husband, James, had a 6 inch cock. She thought that was good, but after a few years, she discovered the internet and saw what she was missing and started wishing for a larger cock. She had gotten pregnant as soon as she was married. Her first read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction , Oral Sex / Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Incest / Taboo, Teen, Mature / Older, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Teen, First Time, Written by women, Teen, Author: Dirty Samone, Source: sexstories.com
  8. A New Life For My Mother, Chapter Two

    11/15/2018: We were still locked in each other's arms when we woke up in the morning, the first thing I saw was her eyes, big, blue and wide, smiling at me. “Morning,” I said and kissed her cheek. “Morning handsome,” she smiled. “You’re hard again.” “I’m in bed, naked with a beautiful, sexy woman,” I laughed. “Of course I’m hard.” “Go and have a shower while I see to that little monster downstairs,” read Sex Story
    Categories: Incest / Taboo, Author: davedax97, Source: LushStories
  9. Anal Virgin

    11/14/2018: Lauren examined her body carefully in the mirror. Tonight was special and she had to look perfect. She ran her hands gently over her round breasts, pausing to linger on her hard nipples. She continued moving her hand south across her flat stomach and into her soft and smooth pussy searching for her clit. It was easy to find because it was already swollen from the excitement of the events planned read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, Author: byZachs_dreams, Source: Literotica
  10. Bitten (Chapter 1)

    11/14/2018: PART ONE POV: Eva Afternoon shifts in the bar are always slow, but somebody has to do them. I find it an easy way to get paid for pulling some pints and reading a few chapters of a good book. My grandparents have owned the little pub for years, and I have spent countless afternoons and nights of my early childhood sitting with them at the bar, or helping in the cellar. I thought bar work would be read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction , BDSM, Job / Office Sex, Teen, Monster, Reluctance, Teen, Author: puppyduck, Source: sexstories.com