1. Never trust Aunt Angie part 1

    Date: 3/13/2019, Categories: Diary Blackmail, Oral Sex / Blowjob BDSM Incest / Taboo Mature / Older Author: Sick Puppy, Source: sexstories.com

    I will never forget those words my mom said to me, i was only 8 when she looked me in the eyes and said "never trust aunt Angie, ok?" It was the first time she spoke to me like an adult. That moment played in my head today, 13 years later When i found a secret folder on our home computer. Now just to make it clear, aunt Angie is a very nice person, she always smiles and gives me long loving hugs when i see her, my mom has a complicated relationship with her, but they are as close as sisters can be. "Never trust aunt Angie" i kept thinking As i examined the biggest collection of porn I've ever seen, it has to be Aunt Angie's. My aunt has been staying with us for a year now, it's not a big house, but being just the three of us is usually ok. When my sister comes home from college things get a bit less comfortable, but she rarely does. I've never really thought about aunt Angie in a sexual way, i mean she's my aunt... She is beautiful and sexy i guess.. But still, my aunt. But looking in that folder really got me thinking about it, about her watching it, touching herself, looking for just the right video to finish with. I closed it and went straight to my room, i undid my pants and thought about my aunt watching her porn, I didn't need to actually watch it, all I needed was to know it exists. I guess i did manage to fall asleep eventually, I've been thinking all night about a plan, about being this strong clever guy that had something on her, and now she has to do what i say, ... or else. Well the reality is that i will never do it, i wont blackmail my aunt for sex, I won't sleep with my aunt. All of that stuff is just wrong and sick, my mind goes to such sick places, i wish i could just stop thinking about it, now i was mad at her for being so sloppy I mean can't you put a password or hide it better or just call the folder "boring work stuff" (it's not the best plan but it's something!) I walked to the kitchen sleepy and grumpy, she was sitting there, fully dressed and ready for work "That's a surprise" she said "What are you doing up before 2?" Aunt Angie had been teasing me about not having a job for a while now, I absolutely hate it (So i don't have a job, I'm young and i need to find out what i want to do with my life, don't judge me) I was going to get angry but as i looked at her all i could see was her sitting in front of the computer, watching her porn. My cock started growing slowly in my pants, i think i was blushing but I'm not sure. "Oh you know I'm just teasing sweetie, I'm just worried about you sometimes that's all I keep telling your mom, you treat him like a baby and he'll never grow up" Now would be a good time to mention I HATED AUNT ANGIE I would never tell that to her or to my mom But i just hate it when she thinks she knows everything, and i hated her stupid brown hair and her stupid sweet coconut small and her stupid big breast and her big round ass. Suddenly i froze, I just looked at her and I knew in my heart *I am going to ...