1. Heart's Guardian

    Date: 3/14/2019, Categories: Fiction Consensual Sex First Time Incest / Taboo Mature / Older Romance Author: JDecker, Source: sexstories.com

    1. Signs of the Times Ciara O'Faolain pursed her deep red lips as her calm gray eyes studied the wilted roses she had found in her prized garden. "Tsk," she said and tossed her head. Her long black ponytail bounced with the motion as if in repeat of her disapproval. Ciara had thought that getting herself a proper garden would be the best part of moving to the countryside. Everything had been great at first, but suddenly her plants had started dying quickly. The neighbors' beautiful gardens still flourished seemingly in mockery of her wilting weeds. Today's sunshine was good for the flowers, but less so for Ciara's pale and freckled skin. She was about to carry the wilted roses indoors to take a look at them more closely, when she heard a voice behind her say: "Hi, mom." "Well hello, son," Ciara said and turned to face Sean. "I trust your father didn't miss his flight again?" Sean had driven Frank to the airport. He had several important meetings abroad this week, as often was the case. "Hey, I was driving this time," Sean grinned mischievously at his mother. "I'm not slow like dad." "Unfortunately you aren't as careful as him, either." Ciara knew her son well. He had his good characteristics, but his impulsiveness occasionally caused trouble. Ciara sometimes wondered where he had gotten that. Probably from his grandmother. "Surely you didn't break any speed limits on the way?" Sean bit his lip even though he was seemingly in a light mood. A glance of Ciara's cool gray eyes ... always had that effect on him. The kid was not good at keeping secrets from his mother. "Umm... Well, I didn't get a ticket," Sean answered evasively. "That just means the cops didn't catch you this time," Ciara said, shaking her head in a way which made her dark ponytail wave around. That was a warning sign her son was quite familiar with. Sean just shrugged and looked away from his mother. "Tsk," Ciara said and went into the house. Sean followed apprehensively and watched with sudden interest as she laid the roses on a table. He looked like he was going to say something about them, but Ciara suddenly surprised him with her own question. She had that kind of a talent. "Are you going out with Niamh again?" Niamh O'Diomain was Sean's new girlfriend from the village. Ciara had discreetly inquired around, but for some reason no-one seemed to know Niamh or her family very well even though they had apparently lived here for quite a while. Ciara herself had found Niamh to be strangely shy despite her fiery red hair. From what Sean had told her, she was not always like that, though... Sean seemed to tense, realizing his mother had yet again seen right through him. He kneeled to brush the fur of Graymantle, Ciara's dog, who had just entered from the living room. Ciara went and did the same. The animal immediately moved away from Sean to her feet. Graymantle liked Sean and most other people in general, but not as much as he liked Ciara, the leader of the pack. For some reason Graymantle ...