1. Jess Ch. 02

    Date: 3/14/2019, Categories: Anal Author: byStoryTeller07, Source: Literotica

    (This chapter is particularly perverse and nasty, so be warned!) Jess had been teased by friends in the office as she had every Monday morning for the past four weeks, since getting together with the office hunk. They noticed the big smile on her face when they mentioned Alan, and how defensive she had become over him. When she started wearing short skirts, almost as short as Dora's, they were particularly inquisitive. It had been useless trying to keep it a secret, for they guessed then teased it out of her. She hadn't admitted to moving in with him two weeks ago, though had to confess being an item together. She had never shared an apartment, let alone her life with a man before. It was easier than she thought it might be, as she smoothly fitted in with his routine. It was so gratifying to hear him say, she was a perfect, respectful woman for it motivated her to try harder to please him. More than that, she was with Alan, the very man her colleagues in the office coveted. Everyone saw her as a modest and demure young woman, yet she had given her body to him. Her colleagues in the office were young modern women and wouldn't have been surprised at the two of them having sex out of marriage. The way she smiled, and the clothes she wore, broadcast a clear message, that she was being satisfied. If they discovered what she was doing, it would certainly shock them. Jess didn't care what they would think if they found out, she just wanted to be with Alan, and all her efforts ... went into keeping him happy. She had been shocked when Dora was teasing her about oral sex, but the advice had stuck fast with her. 'Do whatever it takes to please and keep your man,' Dora had advised. That is exactly what Jess was doing. Anything he wanted of her she was dutifully obeying, like the perfect respectful woman he wanted her to be. She didn't think of their relationship in terms of submission and dominance, just that he was wonderful, and she must do her utmost to keep him. *** Jess walked into Alan's office on Friday with a big smile upon her face. "Good morning sir," Jess said. "I hope you had a nice weekend?" she politely asked. "I did thanks, and you?" Alan reciprocated. "A wonderful weekend, thank you sir," she smiled in return. Knowing smiles were shared from having spent most of the time having wild sex. "You said you have something to show me?" he prompted. Jess laid a report on his desk. Instead of referring to it she bent over and lifted the skirt. She pulled down the panties and waited with a smile of expectation. "Well?" he said. "I've taken out the final butt plug sir. I wanted to show you as a surprise," she giggled. She could feel her asshole gaping at him ready for his cock. He was sure to be pleased as he had bought them and instructed her on how to fit them. At first it was a shock. To please him she had used the butt plugs, becoming used to the feel of it inside, what once had been a very private place. One after another she had eased larger and ...