1. Darkness Over Depression

    Date: 3/14/2019, Categories: Anal Author: bypertravoscii, Source: Literotica

    Depression slid over her like thick brown mud. Sliding over her head, through her hair and over her body. All-encompassing and all overwhelming. Like an ecstasy in reverse. Her darkness howled in discontent but resolved herself to the filthy corner she was subject to. Her darkness had been kept submissively under wraps lately as the depression set in. It was not an unusual thing but this one was dark and deep. Not much would alleviate the onset this time. Not much but a hypersexual encounter. Something her darkness could sink its teeth into. Time to go out. She debated the various clothing options. Not many really. She had only recently decided to come down from being the perfect mother and obedient wife. And her drawers were still full of frumpy shirts, lounge pants and a few pieces of delicate lingerie she was able to steal away here and there as the craving for attention and seduction grew. As she dug through the limited options her darkness wanted her two cents. "The corset! You just bought it! And the silky work out pants and lovely heels." Her darkness moaned at her. "Come on." She grabbed the green corset and stumbled to her closet for an appropriate accompaniment. Not work out pants, really? She chastised her darkness. Not even for you. I mean come on, have a little class. She thumbed through the choices hanging there and found the jewel hidden among the thorns. A perfect full chiffon skirt, half slit, black, full, just right. Added to that a black lace shrug to ... cover her shoulders and black heels, it was almost perfect. Almost. The dark eye make up, dark lipstick and a single clip pulled her blonde hair high up on her head to accent her neckline and collarbones finished the effect to her darkness' glee. A sparkly choker, matching bracelet and earrings and a light seductive scent finished the look. She glanced at herself in the mirror and her darkness approved. She laughed. Was she really going out? To where? And to find what? Her darkness snarled and pushed her out the door with her keys and purse. The darkness had a way of keeping things from her. She got into her car and turned the key in the ignition, still without any direction or purpose in mind. Geez, the darkness could be very demanding and so very vague at once. The depression as working its way back up now. Demanding to consume her. Drinks, that's what she needed. She needed drinks. A bar but not without activity. Lots of people to cover her and disperse her social awkwardness. Ugh. This was really going to happen. Her car lead the way. She was not even cognizant of its steering and navigation until she was there. The local recreational hangout. Probably lots of kids here. But she drug herself in anyway. Her darkness grinned. Oh, yes. The bar area was full and she struggled to find a vacant hightop or chair but eventually found what she was looking for. A single hightop, two chairs, in a dark corner where she could both be alone and yet watch people. One of her favorite ...