1. Mistress Flavia and Ophelia Flagellate Me--Chapter

    Date: 3/14/2019, Categories: BDSM Fetish Mature / Older Author: Chrs_Straight, Source: xHamster

    Mistress Flavia and Ophelia Flagellate Me--Chapter 1When I was admitted to the dungeon, Ophelia greeted me and took me into one of the small waiting rooms. She was a Mistress in training, so I could just call her by her first name. Her blonde hair was tied back in a severe ponytail. She was wearing knee high black boots, and sexy red bikini underwear that pushed up her breasts provocatively.“Strip,” she said.I obeyed and hung my clothes on the wall hooks.“You know how to stand. Let me inspect you.”I held my hands behind my back and stood patiently while Ophelia approached me. I knew what was coming.As I stood there naked, Ophelia walked up to me, put her hands on my chest and began roughly caressing my nipples. Soon she was pinching my nipples as hard as she could, using her fingernails to dig into my flesh. When she’d made me grunt with pain a few times, she stopped. She stepped back a pace and looked me up and down.“I must say you’ve got a nice cock, Chris”“Thank you, Ophelia” I started to say, but I couldn’t finish because she slapped me hard across the face. On my right cheek, because Ophelia was left-handed. I kept my hands behind my back as I’d been trained to do. To be honest, I couldn’t help staring at her fine tits which shook just a bit when she struck me. Before I knew it, Ophelia slapped me again. This time with her right hand.“Don't you dare flinch,” Ophelia said. Then she faked with her right hand and slapped me again with her left.Both my cheeks were ... stinging.“I can’ wait to get you into the dungeon and begin helping Mistress Flavia beat you properly,” Ophelia said.“Now kneel by the table.”Then, Ophelia held up a long black whip, with an exquisitely plaited black handle and long thin leather tails.“Mistress Flavia had this special whip made for you. It’s a double cat o’nine tails. You see? Eighteen square cut leather tails. But she wants to give you a chance to personalize it before your whipping session today.“So, on her instructions, I’ve set out nine metal washers and nine square metal 1/2 inch hex nuts. She wants you to knot either a washer or a hex nut on each tail. Use a bowline or a figure-eight knot to make sure the metal is secure. She doesn’t want the metal sliding around up and down the whip. Once you’ve securely tied the nuts and washers to the leather tails, the “cat” will have real metal claws.“Do you understand?”“Yes. Thank you Ophelia.”“I’ll be back in half an hour. You’d better be done.”Ophelia slowly walked out of the room, making sure I had time to admire the way the muscles in her tight ass rippled as she moved.After a few false starts, I remembered how to tie a bowline and used that knot to secure the washers and nuts to each tail. When I finished, there were an even number of round metal washers and hex metal nuts carefully looped and knotted into the end of each tail. I’d started my knots about one inch away from the actual tip of the leather tails, and there was no danger the knots would ever loosen that ...