1. You are my eyes

    Date: 3/14/2019, Categories: Fiction Lesbian Lesbian Author: Shady Lady Julie, Source: sexstories.com

    Beth cuddled into Liz as they sat watching the television and said, "You know you don't have to don't you?" Liz stroked Beth's hair then trailed her fingers down Beth's arm enjoying the feel of her skin as she said softly with love in her voice, "Beth we have known each other for over seven years, lived together for most of them. We are happy together, we have amazing sex, why the hell wouldn't I want to marry you?" Liz stared into Beth's bright blue eyes that sparkled like twin sapphires, it was those piercing blue eyes that had captured Liz's heart when their eyes first met in a bar all those years ago. Beth purred happily and turning her head sucked Liz's erect nipple into her mouth and began to gently chew, loving the moans that started to emanate from Liz. "Don't you ever get enough?" Laughed Liz as she uncoiled her 5'10" frame and moved so that Beth was lying on top of her still suckling on her breast. Beth broke from her sucking and looking up at Beth's pretty face framed by her curly brown hair, her sparkling hazel eyes and her chiselled features that gave her almost a Mediterranean look, "I will never get enough of you my love, you are a veritable feast for my eyes that doth make my heart leap." "Stop trying to show off that you have an A level in English Literature and put your linguistic skills to better use," laughed Liz as she pushed Beth's spiky blonde hair downwards towards her wet again pussy. They had only finished making love thirty minutes ago but Beth ... was insatiable that evening, perhaps it had something to do with her shipping out on deployment tomorrow, whatever it was Liz wasn't complaining as Beth was the best pussy licker she had ever met. Beth wriggled off the sofa and pulling Liz round so she rested one of her long, tanned legs on either shoulder and kneeling forward snaked out a tongue to lick at Liz's still pink and puffy lips from their earlier love making. At 5'4" standing in stocking feet, Beth was much smaller than Liz, but lying down they seemed, as if by magic, to fit together perfectly. Beth felt Liz's hands in her hair urging her closer and Beth began to lap and lick savouring the juices that flowed freely into her mouth. Liz writhed around the sofa tugging at Beth's hair as she whimpered and moaned, Beth worked her tongue faster across her clit until finally with a scream Liz arched off the sofa and gushed into Beth's mouth. "Oh that was wonderful Beth," purred Liz as she pulled Beth up into her arms. "As good as the first time?" Beth asked coyly. "Yes darling, well a lot drier anyway," Liz giggled as they both remembered how they met. ***** It was freshers week at Manchester University and the bars were packed with people drinking and partying as the students mixed with the locals, the former trying to check out the best places to drink and party, and the latter looking to take advantage of the new influx of men & women. Liz was standing at a high table near the bar fending off the advances of the various ...