1. Starting the Year with Bad Choices

    Date: 4/14/2019, Categories: Anal Author: byJessyHo22, Source: Literotica

    My boyfriend was upstairs puking his guts out and my friend Emily and her boyfriend were sitting on the couch together. Emily and I had just turned 21 and we both had older boyfriends at the time so we were excited to drink with them legally. She was still mad because she hadn't been happy about coming to her boyfriend's house instead of going out in the first place and refused to get over it the whole time even though she could have been having fun. This was fine, and I probably should have expected it. Her boyfriend Brad hadn't told her yet, but he planned on breaking up with her soon, and for some reason instead of just telling her I think he was subconsciously leading her into it by being an asshole. He wasn't trying to be and he felt bad for it but it was tough not being nicer without giving her false hope. I was mad because my boyfriend, Todd, was upstairs puking because he'd managed to drink that much before 11:00 and was now going to miss everything: New Years, the ball dropping, kissing me like he is supposed to be, drinking more, and then falling asleep on the basement floor etc. What could I say? This was a great way to start off the New Year... Meanwhile, Brad is happy and he is trying to get us all to cheer up. I appreciate that since he was fighting a losing battle and I respected him for that after the fact. I just couldn't get myself to let go and drink or anything because I felt like the night was already ruined and Emily was being such a bitch about it all. ... Eventually, she calmed down and we drank some more and I was actually starting to feel a little better. Todd was still passed out/puking upstairs but I was ignoring that for now. Then Brad fucks it up even worse than it was by going upstairs to do who knows what right before midnight and then totally missing the whole New Years , ball dropping, kissing Emily like he is supposed to be, drinking more, then falling asleep on the basement floor, thing. So now Emily is totally pissed off and crying so I'm trying to comfort her, Todd is completely passed out, and Brad is all... "What? I didn't mean to. It's just a kiss." ...which I sort of agree with, but you can't tell a girl that if she doesn't want to hear it, you know? Alright, so now Emily wants to leave but she can't because she doesn't have her own car here and also she's pretty drunk so she can't drive. She knows this, so instead of leaving she puts together a bed using the couch cushions, a bean bag, a bunch of pillows, and a mattress, and lays down to go to sleep. Brad is checking on Todd and cleaning stuff up. I think he was just avoiding Emily at this point so he doesn't fuck anything else up. This means that I am all alone and cold and bored so I start playing drunkenly on my phone and what not. I even drink more eventually because I'm so bored and it seems like a good idea at the time. I'm still playing on my phone when Brad comes back down the stairs. He is pretty drunk too and stumbles a bit when he gets down there ...