1. A Saturday Morning Fantasy

    Date: 4/14/2019, Categories: Wife / MILF Author: tinabaker, Source: LushStories

    The internet and Google makes it easier for there to be ‘unexpected connections’. “Hey T,” the email read, “Are you going to the APA convention in Denver? Love to see you there.” The American Psychological Association annual meeting was held there in 2016, the time frame of this story. The email was signed ‘Russ’, and my Russ memories came flooding back. Russ was an associate professor when I was in grad school. We had a short, intense, erotic fling. That was a dozen years ago, and his email came from his dot edu address -- he was still in academia, and I’d bet he was still trying to seduce every female PhD candidate on campus. It didn’t take a leap of imagination to conclude his seduction interests reached byond grad students. He obviously Googled me and it wouldn’t have taken too many mouse clicks to discover both my academic affiliations but that I was married, too. I’m not sure one of his prospects being married was ever a factor, though. “Honey, remember me telling you about Russ?” I asked my husband that evening. I should explain something about our relationship. we both know we are, among other things, a product of our past experiences. We’ve talked about those experiences -- there are no secrets. My husband says, and I agree, that ‘If not but for (insert some experience here), we would not be who we are today, and maybe wouldn’t be together now'. The fling with Russ is an example; it opened a sensual streak in me I didn’t know existed and that streak enriched my ... life then and continues to, today. That awakening made later relationships better, including the one with my husband. “I do remember, why do you ask?” he said. I showed him the email. “Well, you are going,” he reminded me, “would you like to see him again?” “Nope, too many presumptions or assumptions,” I said, “And way too much baggage. And I happen to be married, that precludes flings, too.” My husband is a very secure man and an unjealous one. We’re together because we want to be, not because we have to be. I’m tenured with a good income, he’s a senior executive in a high tech company. Life professionally and personally is wonderful, I would not want to put that at risk. That conversation was on a Friday night, but before dawn on Saturday I was awakened by a kiss on m neck. That was nice! More kisses, and I was fully awake. It was Saturday morning, and Saturday mornings often meant long sex sessions. “Take off those pj’s,” he said, and that was an easy order to follow. We were both naked at about the same time. “Pull the sheet off, stretch out,” he said. I did, and he knelt beside me, looking at me, stroking me, from my side, over my hip, to my knee, and back again. This Saturday was different, there was a ghost of that long ago fling in the room. “I know Russ is thinking about you like this,” he whispered. “That was long ago and far away,” I told him, “and way before I knew you.” “Denver is not long ago, it’s in a couple of weeks, but it is far away,” he muttered as his lips ...