1. First group meet.

    Date: 4/14/2019, Categories: Gay Group Sex Masturbation / Toys Author: JazzSands, Source: xHamster

    Tonight was the night. I had spent a couple of years gauging my friends and figuring out which ones would be happy to help with a fantasy of mine and finally it was coming to fruition. Four friends had been selected to come over mine and spend the evening wanking in front of each other. None of us identified as gay but all of us wanted to try this out for one reason or another.The four are Gary. Big guy, kinda hairy but not excessively. Calm demeanour but an a****l when drunk. Then there is Tom. Tall, skinny and the closest to us that you would call a twink. Nice guy too. James is number three. Average height but well built and toned. Goes to the gym almost every night and last but not least, Cooper. Shortest of the bunch but always up for a laugh.The four of them approached my house together as agreed. We didn't want to hang around waiting for some one so we decided it best every one arrives together.I had already turned the heating up in my house and answered the door in my dressing gown."Welcome, welcome." I said as I opened the door "come on in."I ushered them into the living room and took their jackets. To my surprise, every one's spirits was high and no one looked nervous. I had chosen well so I decided to push forward."If any one needs or wants to get changed before we begin then you can go upstairs and find an empty room. Just come back down when you're ready."Gary, Tom and James all headed upstairs to get changed. Cooper on the other hand stayed in the living room ... and started to unclothe himself."No point in being shy now." He said.His enthusiasm caused my penis to begin getting excited. Once fully naked and after he had kicked his clothes into a ball in the corner of the room, he sat on one of the five chairs I had positioned in front of my TV."How long do you reckon they'll be?" He asked if only to make conversation.His flaccid cock was in his hand and he idly played with himself as he spoke to me as if this was everyday normal. You got to love people like Cooper."I'm sure they'll be down soon." I said and as I finished Gary came downstairs shortly followed by James.Gary was in his boxer shorts and a t-shirt whereas James only had a towel on. Any excuse to show off his six pack."Tom said he'll be down in a sec." Said James as they both picked a chair."Fuck sake Coop. Do you not have any patience?" Asked Gary laughing as he sat down."You know me Gary." He replied with his cock getting harder in his hand.I often found myself wondering what my friends cocks looked like and that was partly why I arranged this. Now Cooper was almost fully erect I was able to get a good look. It fit his build, not the longest, probably just over five inches but thick with a plump bellend.James had started to grip his through his towel as the three of them chatted and waited for Tom.Eventually Tom joined us. He came back down also wearing a dressing gown. It looked too short for him, his skinny legs poking out the bottom as the gown stopped above his knees. ...