1. My Girlfriend Leaves Me Alone With Jill

    Date: 4/15/2019, Categories: Hardcore, Author: joew1956, Source: xHamster

    I met Cee 3 years ago in an online chat. We were both married at the time, but do to the lack of sex in those relationships, we were looking for something. I had just separated from my wife and filed for divorce. I got a promotion and moved to a new city, I was on my own again. Cee’s husband lived in another state with his job, leaving her all alone except for holidays. Our online chats turned to sex. We traded pictures of ourselves and there was an instant attraction for both of us. We talked on the phone on Tuesday and met for a drink on Wednesday evening. We ended up in my car making out like we were in high school. We were good and kept our clothes on, but did our hands ever cover the other’s body. Cee’s ample breasts felt so good, she was hot and wet between her legs. I loved the way her long fingers would trace up and down my cock through my jeans. I was glad that I didn’t wear underwear. When I called her on Thursday, I invited her to my apartment for the next day, and she accepted.I took Friday afternoon off and at 1:30pm she was at my door looking sexier than ever. By the time she left Sunday afternoon we fucked 12 times in 48 hours. We were off and running. I think her husband found out about me because he asked for a divorce. As we explored each other’s fantasies and desires, Cee admitted she liked to be with women once in a while. It didn’t take long before we met a couple and swapped for the first time whose wife was also bi-sexual. Shortly after that, I bought ... a house and she moved in with me. Cee found a job through another like minded couple. And that is kind of where this story leads to.Jill is a woman that Cee does business with where she works. She has been over to our house a couple of times. Jill is what most people call a BBW. She is big but not huge, about 160 pounds, very pretty, outgoing and funny, with a sex appeal that always made me think that she would be good in bed. She seems to give me the eye a lot and gives me long clinging hugs when she sees me. I can’t help but get turned on when she presses her gigantic tits into me and I am sure she does it on purpose.Last Saturday Cee left about noon to do some shopping. I was at my computer watching some porn and coming up with ideas for Cee and me to do. 30 minutes later there was a knock at the door and there was Jill wearing an a halter top dress. I could see her hard, braless nipples poking through her top. I invited her inside, telling her that Cee had just gone shopping and I didn’t know when she would be back. Jill pulled her phone out of her purse and called Cee saying “I’m at your house with Jay. Where are you at?” There was a short conversation between them and Jill handed me the phone. “Here, Cee wants to talk to you.” Cee said to me, “Do you want to fuck her? It’s ok if you do. I know she hasn’t had any dick in a while so I think you’ll get lucky. I’ll be home in a couple of hours so have fun!” I almost dropped the phone handing it back to Jill. After another ...