1. Delay Tactics

    Date: 4/15/2019, Categories: Anal Author: byirishabastard, Source: Literotica

    His arms went around her as she walked out of the bathroom fresh from the shower, and she squealed and thrashed, kicking her feet as he effortlessly stripped the towel from her body while holding her off of her feet at the same time. "Connor! Put me down!" "OK," he answered with an evil chuckle and with another two steps toward the bed gave a toss as though she were weightless. Her still wet, nude body landed with a comfortable thump and bounce and she let out another little shriek. "What are you doing?!" she laughed. Instead of answering, he began to unbutton his shirt and peeled it free from his wide shoulders. "Connor! No. I have to get ready. We're going to be late, and we can't exactly show at the same time, especially late, and with me disheveled," she said and started to slide forward on the bed to stand up. His hand came out, stopping her, and he caressed her face for a moment before catching the hair at the base of her skull and carefully pulling it tight. Lauren let out a little gasp as he tilted her head upward to meet his gaze. His eyes locked onto hers and she felt a little shudder go through her and a warmth begin at her center, as it always did when he looked at her like that. "Connor, we..." she began again, her voice pleading, but laced with desire as well, but he shook his head and began to pull at his belt buckle with his free hand. She reached up to help him, pulling the buckle free and unbuttoning his pants her fingers sure even though she felt shaky and ... flushed. He let go of her hair and caressed her naked shoulders as she pulled his pants down his hips and his cock sprang free. He stepped back just far enough to free himself from the pants and then was back in front of her. His hands went to her shoulders again and she unhesitatingly took his cock into her mouth. He caressed her breasts and ran a thumb over her nipple, squeezing its hardness until he felt the vibration of her moaning around his cock. Abruptly he pulled free from her mouth and reached down to catch her under her thighs. He picked her up again and her legs went around his waist even as he dropped one of his knees to the bed and crawled forward to place her in the middle of the bed again, his mouth working hungrily against her neck and shoulder as he moved. She leaned back, intending to pull him with her, but he resisted. "Turn over," he said, and she smiled against his shoulder. She untangled herself to arrange her legs and turned so that she was on her hands and knees in front of him, her head and shoulders lowered to the bed and her back arched. He took in the smooth line of her spine, the lean muscle of her thighs and back, the dimples in her lower back above her perfectly shaped ass. She was tall enough that she lined up with him almost perfectly. Connor reached forward and pulled the pillows from alongside her head, slid them beneath her waist used his knee to spread her knees apart. She turned to look back at him, a mischievous grin on her face. He ran ...