1. Shemale Kat

    Date: 4/15/2019, Categories: Trans Fetish Masturbation / Toys Author: satinhunter, Source: xHamster

    Monday morning Nikita was just awake, she was very excited today, she was going to start her new job as a secretary in a big sales company.Nikita is tall slim brunette, a high class model. She would make a good impression the first day, so she found her clothes on, which she had to eat, ate breakfast and then bathed, made a makeup with a seductive red lipstick. She took her long shiny nylon stockings on it because of her nylon stockings slipped from her legs, she peered in the mirror and was pleased with what she saw, she took her new white hi cut satin panties on her felt delicious and a delicious white satin bra.She took her new blue shiny satin shirt and left a couple of buttons open open, now she felt more hot, she was k**ding for her breasts, the gentle satin shirt hugged it a little, let one hand slide down to her satin panties and hugged for her lovely girl cock. She now took her new shiny gray satin dress on it was short, now she felt like a princessShe is employed as a secretary and fashions in panties called hi cut panties made in satin, the pants emphasize the ass so it seems tight and firm, she was looking forward to showing her models the lingerie company made and sold, there are 21 employees they 20 was the salesmen The company is located in a high-rise building, with 30 floors, the office was located upstairs and the warehouse was on the 1st floorAfter she was welcomed, they all had to go down to the store to see her lingerie especially hi cut satin panties. ... She could see how the men looked at her. to get to the warehouse they had to take the elevator down, the 20 but stepped in first and me last, as I walked in shut the elevator and drove down, Unfortunately my satin dress was stuck in the elevator door and tore my satin dress a little broken fell down around my feet, i was wearing only blue satin shirt and white hi cut satin pantiesAll but stood still and did not say anything, they stood open mouth and looked at my hi cut satin panties, my girl cock was very visible in these satin panties but happened when we came down they started to mess up Comments, I was called lady knickers, so I became so cold. There were 2 but who showed me the office down in the store, I had my satin dress again, the 2 men became very naughty in the office, one clashed on the ass and the other gave it a hug. It was clear to see that their cock was stiff, they both took their cock out and played with them, they wanted me to suck and lick their cock but I said no thanksThey said I was a naughty girl who gave rise to sex with my beautiful satin clothes, they said they would spank me, one pulled up the dress and put me down over an armrest of a chair, with the mess in the breath they started to slam me ass, strange but i became very horny of it, my girl's cock got stiff, she just wanted a cock, they got up and saw my condition one behind me and the other in frontI tell you they just licked my girl's dick and my girl cunt, it all ended up that their cock ...