1. The Secret Cheerleader Vote - #1

    8/18/2019: The Secret Cheerleader Vote - #1 _____________________________________________________________________________________ This is going to be a series exploring the events resulting from Carly’s bet with Zane. It is based on a true story and a lot of what you will read actually did happen. However, some of it involves delving into the minds of other characters, so, we'll call it fiction. I'll let you read Sex Story
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  2. Full Moon Party Ch. 03

    8/18/2019: I slept until three in the afternoon the next day. I tried to wake Louise, but she wasn't moving, so I pulled on some shorts and stepped out into the bright sunshine of another day in Thailand. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes I walked down towards the beach. I thought I'd slept in, but no one else seemed to be awake. The pool was deserted, there was just one or two people slumped over tables in the read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal Author: bydeepblue32, Source: Literotica
  3. Weekend Coupling Ch. 02

    8/17/2019: Two weeks after Madhu and I enjoyed our first afternoon together (see Weekend Coupling) I received a text message: This Sunday OK? I texted back: OK I looked forward to initiating Madhu to more sex experiments. Mine was the first cock she had taken in 5 years as her husband was paralysed from waist down. Though married for 24 years, mine was the first cock in her mouth and down her throat and mine read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal Author: bykenya_tree, Source: Literotica
  4. Finally Filled

    8/17/2019: I'm 21 and a virgin, but I've been masturbating for a long time. Mostly just with my hands, but I've occasionally experimented with inserting my fingers, brush handles, oversized markers, travel shampoo bottles, and other small things when I've had that insatiable, aching urge to be filled up. That urge was never fully satisfied and all my experiments with fucking myself had read Sex Story
    Categories: True, Author: lesbianonyme, Source: LushStories
  5. A Wild Weekend Threesome

    8/17/2019: He invited me over one night and to my surprise his friend, James, was visiting from Dallas. James was a long, tall Texan, very toned and in shape. His hair was dirty blonde and he had sexy brown eyes, I have to admit he turned me on in his tight jeans and cowboy boots. I was totally clueless as to what the night had in store but they definitely had plans for me. I was dressed to kill ( I knew read Sex Story
    Categories: Diary Oral Sex / Blowjob Group Sex Group Sex Author: mvicious, Source: sexstories.com
  6. Forbidden Sibling Treasure -- Chapter II: Pearls of Wisdom

    8/17/2019: The next couple months were a blur. Although that first weekend hadn’t gone exactly as planned, Emerald felt refreshed and renewed. Sunday had been a day of learning for Emerald. She and her sister had spent the entire day together in their apartment, deliberately neglecting clothing and instead indulging in their fill of sisterly love and womanly passion. Pearl had taught Emerald every trick she read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Consensual Sex Straight Sex Voyeur / Exhibitionism Incest / Taboo Group Sex Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: viceofchoice, Source: sexstories.com
  7. The MILF And The Garbage Men - Part Two

    8/17/2019: It had been a week since Kelly had sex with the two garbage men. She loved how nasty and dirty it made her feel. Kelly was a MILF and enjoyed sex with her husband, but also enjoyed her extra-curricular fun. She was hoping that Frank and Ned would visit her again and bring a couple more of their friends. Kelly enjoyed rough sex with her husband. She missed him when he was out of town read Sex Story
    Categories: Wife / MILF Author: Mysteria27, Source: LushStories
  8. The R-Virus: Escape

    8/17/2019: Stacy’s head spun when the car made even the slightest turn and every time it did, it had come as a complete surprise. She had other priorities on her mind than where they were going because her head was bobbing over the lap of the driver. She had shoved down his pants enough to have pulled his dick out so she could wrap her lips around it. Her lipstick was smeared over his member and she was read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy Anal Death, Extreme, Straight Sex Monster, Murder, Rape Author: Omegaxypher, Source: sexstories.com
  9. Old Man's Tales - Part 2

    8/17/2019: A couple of years went by after Terry, life went on and the kids grew. My wife and I had straight sex which was great, but I never got to go down on her. She said it irritated her pussy. And she did go down on me a couple of times, maybe an inch into her mouth but only for a second or two before she said she could not do it. So I pretty much gave up on changing her and was glad with what I read Sex Story
    Categories: Oral Sex / Blowjob Author: Rampage31, Source: LushStories
  10. Amulya fucking brothers friend Neeraj Part 2

    8/17/2019: Amulya fucking brothers friend Neeraj Part 1 Neeraj Bhaiya said yes to coffee and we sat together in so called living room of my one bedroom flat, apart from a small television and side table which was having just a single bed cotton mattress lying on the floor, exactly where Neeraj Bhaiya was suppose to sleep for the night. My good for nothing husband was lying in the bedroom, no need to say in u*********s state and as such I was not at all thinking about him and my daughter was also asleep on the way ba read Sex Story
    Categories: Hardcore, First Time Anal Author: Sexyamu212, Source: xHamster