1. on the beach

    2/22/2019: We all got the warning about the beach being a dangerous place at night when on holidays in Miami but i didnt really care about it being around 6 feet and able to handle myself if something woud happen my friends were sleeping and i wanted to smoke a cigarette walkign on the beach near the hotel i was sat on the beach relaxing i never ear the footsteps all i felt was 2 big hands on my head turning around wondering what was it ''shhhhh boy ...open '' looking at the fat tall black guy cock going in my mouth without loosing time ''mphhhh mpggg argg'' trying to remove him but he kept me b read Sex Story
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  2. Risque Ashley Trusts Again

    2/21/2019: Happy Hour Rob had a territory of seven states, but not all of them were equally visited. For most of the year, he had regular trips to just three major metropolitan areas. He was typically all work on these trips; gym and meals at the hotel, working around the clock and focusing on his customers. But he was finding one city more enjoyable than the rest at the moment. To be honest, it was one read Sex Story
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  3. Johnny's Ass Gets Used And Abused

    2/21/2019: I'm not what you would call slutty but kinky or freaky would describe me fairly well. I just love anything and everything to do with sex, straight bi or gay I like it all and never pass up an opportunity to try something new. I've never had a problem finding hot guys to fuck and sexy girls just LOVE to explore with me after a few drinks. Guys and gals alike have told me that my body is just to die read Sex Story
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  4. Fifty Bucks

    2/21/2019: “Shit, it’s really come down now. We’re snowed in for sure.” I’m listening to my roommate moaning again about the snow storm that struck last night that is expected to last for at least two more days. “Hey Cory, relax man. As long as we can get to the student union we won’t starve.” He turned to look at me with obvious disgust on his face. “It’s not food I need, it’s my girl friends ass that I read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction , Anal, First Time, Gay, Author: Steve_Black, Source: sexstories.com
  5. Barbara Runs The Gauntlet Part 2

    2/20/2019: Barbara Lewis woke up Sunday afternoon around 3pm. She began to plan her second try at the Sex Gauntlet that she had failed at the night before. This time she decided to wear no underclothes, just flip flops and an old dress that she wasn’t very fond of into the whole thing. The thinking was that if she had ended up failing again tonight then she wouldn’t lose any of her good clothes. Barbara also read Sex Story
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  6. Breakdown in Redlands

    2/20/2019: Late July is a time for some serious heat on the I-15 corridor between Las Vegas and San Bernardino, and the temperature was well over 100 F degrees still, even in the early evening. Most people looked at the Dakota pickup full of scrap metal and wondered why the Iowa plated pickup was so far from home and so heavily loaded as the driver exited I-215 southbound for I-10 eastbound. Brian was the read Sex Story
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  7. Blasting Cum Up Big Girl Booty

    2/19/2019: My name is Harry James Slider. I'm a young black man living in Boston, Massachusetts. These days, I attend Emerson State University. It's a big school in the Boston Area. Emerson State University has twenty thousand students and two campuses, Boston and Milton. They got a really good sports program. They offer Men's Intercollegiate Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Squash, Fencing, Cross Country, read Sex Story
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  8. Lucy's Bitch

    2/19/2019: I admit it I was afraid of Lucy right from the start and although she worked for me I felt as if I took direction from her. This Filipino woman was a stunning beauty and often used her wiles to attain her desires. Being of slight stature, she always wore extra tight pants or short little skirts that reminded me of a Catholic School girl. She had a charming smile that reached into her dark almond read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, Author: byBakeboss, Source: Literotica
  9. One Night Stand

    2/18/2019: (This is a true story. Emails are always welcome.) I was lying on my couch all by myself in my one bedroom apartment that I used to have. I just turned twenty, and I was just getting home from a job that I have been working at for the last few weeks. I was watching the celebrity channel and was kind of lonely sitting there all by myself. I was hungry, and had no food in my refrigerator. I decided read Sex Story
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  10. Sistah, Sistah

    2/18/2019: A very special thanks to my darling friend, Woody, whose fantasy... about me! (((BIG GRIN))):o) inspired this. * Judith and Delta, "Fuck Cunt" and "Cow" to the two men in the room, were naked on their hands and knees on a bed. The bed was in a cheap, dingy hotel in the middle of Downtown Kingston. It was late afternoon on a Wednesday in the Jamaican capital, and both professional women were read Sex Story
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