1. Penny's Promiscuity - 21 - Movie Magic

    2/19/2019: It was Saturday afternoon; the day my Plan was to take place and I was nervous. My husband Pete was playing golf – reluctantly for the first time in his life - with instructions not to come home until five o’clock at the earliest. I was emptying the bath having prepared myself with the same degree of care with which I had just prepared the bedroom. My arms and legs had been shaved, my read Sex Story
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  2. Old Friends and Neighbors Discover Swapping

    2/15/2019: My wife Teresa, who everyone calls Teri, and I met in college, and were raising our two children in the Atlanta area, until my job transfer to Raleigh, North Carolina. Our son Michael was going into the fourth grade, and our daughter Jenny would be in the second grade. I’m Matt, and we were lucky to move into such a welcoming neighborhood in the Raleigh suburbs, where we met the family read Sex Story
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  3. My Friend the Cuck, Part 2

    2/15/2019: In part one of this story, I told you how I had discovered my friend Rob's penchant for watching his wife with other guys after a drunken day out ended with me looking through his photos and videos on his phone. For those that haven't read it, he had been quite happy to talk about the idea of it on and off for a while. That day he decided to show me some nude pics of her, which gave him (and read Sex Story
    Categories: Cuckold, Author: Brocklan81, Source: LushStories

    2/13/2019: Sarah expects to have a new man please her in a male, female, male situation at least once a month while I watch and participate. “I am to please and be pleased,” she likes to remind me almost every day. “My turn on is your turn on. And your turn on is my turn on.” I must admit it is an exciting non-threatening turn on to see her enjoying and pleasuring another man and another man being pleasured read Sex Story
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  5. An Arranged Marriage - Part I

    2/3/2019: I like Sanjay. He makes me smile with his simplistic and uncomplicated take on things. A lot of the other guys at the place where we work together have little time for him and others of his culture but race was never a thing that bothered me. I have always accepted people as I find. If they treat me with respect then I reciprocate whatever their colour or creed. I also like him because he is read Sex Story
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  6. Cuckold Husband - Chapter 1

    2/3/2019: “You want what? You want me to get fucked by other men?” Kim's eyes flashed with anger. “You fucking pervert.” Paul winced as the lounge door slammed behind her as she stormed out. “That went well, then,” he muttered, sitting down on the settee and opening a can of beer. He had no idea why he'd decided that particular evening was the time to tell Kim of his fantasy of watching her get read Sex Story
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  7. Cuckold in the Making Part 2

    1/31/2019: Jason Last night my wife slept with another man for the first time since we were married. It wasn’t really infidelity; I had, over a period of time, encouraged her to do this. On her return, Emma had told me all about it – initially shyly and with guilt in her voice, but then with growing confidence and excitement as she described her experiences to me in detail. Afterwards, a spring read Sex Story
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  8. Thursday Gamer, Chapter 2

    1/26/2019: Izaak was not fazed with the way I talked to his wife while I was fucking her. I called her my bitch. I ordered her, “Jerk me off with your cunt. Use that pass-around pussy the way it is supposed to be used, fucking anybody I tell you to fuck.” He joined us on the bed, as we recovered from an intense sexual adventure. Karen whispered that we were not through. Instead, she told her read Sex Story
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  9. The cuckslut

    1/21/2019: The new slut It was Friday and the day had started out with Astrid waking up in the arms of her boyfriend. She'd turned around, and kissed him softly, to wake him, so he didn't get up too late for school. Then she'd been padding around after him as he got ready to leave, and kissed him goodbye as he left for uni. She even waved at him and then she padded right back to bed, to get to sleep an hour read Sex Story
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  10. My Cheating Wife

    1/9/2019: It's Saturday night and I'm watching my beautiful young wife making a few final adjustments to her appearance before we go to a party being hosted by her boss and his wife at their home. She's wearing yet another new dress, one of dozens that she's bought since starting her job as the personal assistant to the managing director of a property management company. Until recently, she read Sex Story
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