1. The Waiter

    7/3/2019: We had just sat down to Mother’s Day dinner. My wife had a conservative but sexy librarian look. The waiter took special notice of her and she made eyes right back at him. After he took our drink order he asked if we were ready to order. My wife said, “I know exactly what I want,” staring at the waiter. I said the rest of us need a few minutes. The moment the waiter left my wife read Sex Story
    Categories: Cuckold Author: WillSwalllow, Source: LushStories
  2. From Sam to Sarah: A Genre-Bending Story of Sexual and Personal Discovery. Chapter 1

    7/1/2019: It began in the fall of 2004. I was a junior in college. I was slightly chubby, shy, a virgin, and an otherwise completely average boy who listened to pop-punk, got decent grades, and was about to embark on a great and unexpected journey of personal and sexual discovery. I lived in an off-campus apartment, but my roommate had graduated, so I had a two-bedroom to myself. This suited my read Sex Story
    Categories: Cuckold Author: sarahricegirl, Source: LushStories
  3. A Husband's Narrative of His Slut Wife

    6/16/2019: A husband reports: After Bobby’s phone call to announce he and his friends were coming by this evening, you scurried about to select your outfit and get dressed for their visit. I pay close attention and offer suggestions on what your evening’s costume will be. You always dress extra slutty when you know he is coming. The anticipation is delicious for both of us, even more so when he read Sex Story
    Categories: Cuckold Author: CuckyBoy, Source: LushStories
  4. Blacked and Betrayed (chapter 2)

    6/15/2019: * * * * * Blacked and Betrayed by rat_race * * * * * CHAPTER 2 - Uncle Jerry's Surprise * * * * * Sally's Uncle Jerry and I were sitting at the kitchen table in his small apartment, having a private, one-on-one, man-to-man chat. This conversation was taking place the very next afternoon after my cuckold night at the hotel room with Henry and Sally. A night that had been full of shocking read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Anal Bisexual Black, Oral Sex / Blowjob Cuckold Cum Swallowing Voyeur / Exhibitionism First Time Incest / Taboo Group Sex Mature / Older Group Sex Water Sports/Pissing, Wife / MILF Author: rat_race, Source: sexstories.com
  5. A Birthday Surprise Gangbang For My Wife

    6/14/2019: My name is John. I am forty-one-years-old and have been happily married for twenty years to Wendy. We have two children both nineteen years old and life is pretty good. The one thing I wish I could change is that in twenty years I have failed to satisfy my wife sexually. My wife has a higher sex drive and my tiny four-inch penis has never given her an orgasm, even though she likes to boost read Sex Story
    Categories: Cuckold Author: jazzman1975, Source: LushStories
  6. A Cuckold By Choice, Chapter 3

    6/11/2019: Walking in the street without panties was another first for me, it felt really sexy and I wondered if my daughter did anything like that with her lover. As we walked I told Charlie about her. “Yeah, I think a lot of people are into this sort of thing, you girls seem to get sexier as you get older.” “Thanks, I think.” “Well just think about it, when you were first married would you read Sex Story
    Categories: Cuckold Author: davedax97, Source: LushStories
  7. Jane Takes Flight

    6/6/2019: “Oh God Jane, you’re such a naughty slut.” Jane was being naughty and she knew it, edging him again so close to coming in her mouth he was actually pulsing before she pulled off. She held his rocklike pillar vertical from its base with her finger and thumb while watching his face. She blew against it as one might cool hot tea. This was all new to Jane but sure she wasn’t ready for him read Sex Story
    Categories: Cuckold Author: Rotsen, Source: LushStories
  8. The Anniversary Gift

    5/30/2019: Solomon's watch read 10:15, he'd be here any moment. Karen was primping in the bathroom, making sure her make-up and short black hair were just so. They would be meeting a stranger for what was to be Solomon's anniversary gift from Karen. She was going to pull the mysterious paramour to the bed and disrobe him and worship his cock while Solomon watched from just out of reach. Solomon found himself read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy Oral Sex / Blowjob Cuckold Cum Swallowing Voyeur / Exhibitionism Wife / MILF Author: TheGreatStag, Source: sexstories.com
  9. My Wife Cuckolds Me And I Love It! Chapter 4

    5/23/2019: I slept late and awoke to blazing sunlight streaming through the open window. Gayle had probably only just got up; her side of the bed was warm. Naked, I walked to the bathroom, and then into the kitchen in search of tea. Jason had left out a new box of English tea bags, so I filled the kettle and switched it on as my wife’s delicious giggle reached my ears. Looking out of the window, I read Sex Story
    Categories: Cuckold Author: davedax97, Source: LushStories
  10. Cuck Father

    5/19/2019: Reed was home from college for the summer. His room had been converted to an office for his milquetoast father. So the young man was forced to convert part of the attic into a bedroom. ‘That’s fine.’ He thought grumpily. ‘Not like I could bring any tail back here anyway.’ He was moving some boxes when one split open. The old cardboard ripping. Grumbling he picks up a collection of old books, read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Blackmail, Cuckold Incest / Taboo Straight Sex Spanking Author: Satinslip, Source: sexstories.com