1. Yes, I've tried Pee-Play

    2/22/2019: I've pissed in my own mouth a couple times. You know that urine is sterile when it comes out. It just deteriorates and becomes rancid fairly quickly. Some people drink it everyday and claim certain health benefits from doing so. But not first thing in the morning, like in some stories I've read. No way. It's just too concentrated, and I can tell you that from experience. I had a nice married couple that I "bulled" for over a year. She was 35, short blonde hair and very petite, 5'2" and maybe 110 lbs. She worked for an optometrist. He was 38 and was in construction, bisexual and in very good read Sex Story
    Categories: Incest / Taboo, Fetish, Sex Humor, Author: BiMMinOCCA, Source: xHamster
  2. Banding the Cuck

    2/20/2019: I do love it when Master calls and gives me an assignment, although I do have to be careful. When he orders me to do something, I know that I will be punished if I fail. When he asks me to do something, I know that I will be rewarded if I succeed. This was a request and I was keen to please him. He informed me that slut Ann would also be involved along with the cuck 634. From the moment that Master took the three of us from the cuck he insisted that we refer to each other as sluts and cucks; I think it was his way of making sure that we remained aware of our lowly status. Thus, I am either sl read Sex Story
    Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Lesbian, Author: Oakbound, Source: xHamster
  3. Kurzgeschichte: Monster-Dekolleté aus dem Süden

    2/19/2019: Aus der Reihe: 15-Minuten-Story-Challenge „Chrissie, was zur Hölle hast Du denn da wieder an?“ fragte ich meine neue Freundin, die aussah, als sei sie von einem anderen Stern hergezogen. War sie genau genommen auch, nämlich aus Bayern. „Was ist denn damit?“ fragte sie ehrlich irritiert. „Ist mein Busen zu sehr eingequetscht?“ Ihr grässliches Oberteil hatte tatsächlich ein Muster aus blau-weißen Rauten und Rüschen an Ärmeln und Ausschnitt. Es sah aus, als hätte sie eine bayerische Bierzelt-Tischdecke an. Zugegeben, ihre mehr als üppige Oberweite lenkte davon ab. Ihre Möpse waren kugelf read Sex Story
    Categories: Hardcore, Fetish, Author: danhauser, Source: xHamster

    2/19/2019: SCALLY DELIGHTS By: XTALES CHAPTER 1 - DALE MA' BOY (Gay TM/M Submission/Domination) MAIN CHARACTERS David = 45 Bank Manager Dale = 18 Chav I don't know why I accepted, I guess I could not refuse a favour to my best friend after all he did for me. So when he asked me to accompany his son to the match I could not refuse. My friend bought 2 tickets for Chelsea – Arsenal, but a last minute hiccup read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction , Authoritarian, BDSM, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Coercion, BDSM, Foot or shoe fetish, Gay, Humiliation, BDSM, Reluctance, Teen, Teen, Author: XTALES, Source: sexstories.com
  5. My Teacher helps me with economy exam

    2/16/2019: He looked at her, and she could see a decision forming in his eyes, the one she wanted. Trying to look demure and innocent, she looked away from his hot gaze towards the floor. Involuntarily, her gaze stopped at his lap. Wow, that's quite the bulge! There was no doubt that he was hard. She looked down at it for several moments, enjoying the thought of its hardness and all that it implied. The chair creaked and she glanced back at him, and realized that he had seen her looking at his erection. Her game was revealed – he realized that she was teasing him with her body purposefully. Suddenly hi read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, First Time, Incest / Taboo, Author: StefaniaCarlucci, Source: xHamster
  6. My last gloryhole visit

    2/12/2019: I had not been able to get to my local glory hole for several weeks and I was really wanting to suck a few juicy cocks. One Saturday I was able to go to Newport and soon found myself sitting in the glory hole booth. I fed the machine, lowered my pants and started stroking my hard cock. I watched and stroked for a few minutes when I heard the door close in the next booth. I took a peek to see if I knew the guy and discovered that he was a guy I had sucked his cock there before. The man was over 6’ tall and I already knew his cock was only about 5” long. But he had big low hung balls that read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, Gay, Mature / Older, Author: eaglefree, Source: xHamster
  7. Three some with a tranny and a woman

    2/12/2019: I had just fucked Tammy and came inside her sweet pussy and sucked Bree off too. We were all laying there catching our breath and I turned and looked at Tammy. She was beautiful and sexy and I wanted to spend more time with her but right now all I wanted was to make them both come several times more. I rolled and kissed Tammy as I caressed her body pinching her nipples when I had them between my fingers. She was getting hot and I wanted her really hot so she was close to coming again. My plan was to fuck Bree, however, I wanted Tammy to come too. So I kept caressing her and kissing her turning read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, Fetish, Trans, Author: wildbill975, Source: xHamster
  8. Nutty things I've done while cross dressing

    2/12/2019: When I started cross-dressing I used to do the craziest things. I used to walk down my driveway, which was 400 ft long, in pitch black in the woods, no lights, not even streetlights, with scary dangerous creatures, like bear, mountain lions, coyotes, and more, all around. Dangerous as hell, but I used to walk down to the road in high heels stockings and a bra, with my purse, in a wig, nothing else. I used to walk up and down the street day and night like that out in the country in Hemlock NY. I used to venture away from the end of my driveway quite a bit down the road at night and cars would t read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, Trans, Gay, Author: SissyAnalPrincess, Source: xHamster
  9. First time cuckolding my husband

    2/9/2019: My name is Lynlee I am 5’4” 125lbs with b-cup breasts, brown hair, brown eyes. I have a natural olive skin complexion and typically have some sexy tan lines. I work out quite a bit and like to keep my body in shape and firm. My husbands name is Charles. He is 5’6” 200lbs a bit on the husky side. Hes also got brown hair and brown eyes, he keeps a well trimmed beard. This is a true story about the first time I made my husband a cuck. My husband was at work on a weekday afternoon when I found myself home alone and k** free. Charles loves it when I masturbate and tell him about it later so I fi read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Incest / Taboo, Fetish, Author: swingingset1, Source: xHamster
  10. I'll help - a naughty priest

    2/8/2019: My friend Carl called me from work, asking for a special favor. His elderly mother Susan, visiting from out of state, had recently gone into decline, her health failing. Carl asked if I could go around to his house, make sure his Mom was ok, see that she had something to eat, and generally make her comfortable. Carl and I go way back, we’d been friends for so long, so who am I to refuse? I was on Sabbatical from the Seminary, and not yet a priest I arrived at his house to find the front door wide open, the television blaring, and Susan sitting on the lounge. She was dressed in a housecoat and read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature / Older, Incest / Taboo, Fetish, Author: DirtyDan1952, Source: xHamster