1. my universty friend

    4/21/2019: Hi, we read the machine at the Mechanical Engineering Department, at the end of the abaxial arm, we read the machine, we know what we know, when you enter big joy, when you enter the junk that sniffs the window, we are not our place, we can not stay in our place because we have young ages, we go to the campus in the nursing department, look at friends in empty classes, I met the girl student who read two nurses and met him and I could not say that he looked like a scene from the same green films, when the door opened quickly, I was in a hurry and I quickly got shot at the door. and I was very read Sex Story
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  2. Indian sister in law

    4/15/2019: Hi guys, my name is Abhishek. I am 23 years old. the story that I am going to tell you today is about my Bhabhi Poonam and how I managed to sleep with her. Let me tell you about myself, I am a 6 ft guy with an average body. My main focus has always been to have sex with my cousin sisters and my sister in laws. So, Poonam is 31 years old and she has an amazing body with a booty and boobs to die read Sex Story
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  3. Shemale Kat

    4/15/2019: Monday morning Nikita was just awake, she was very excited today, she was going to start her new job as a secretary in a big sales company.Nikita is tall slim brunette, a high class model. She would make a good impression the first day, so she found her clothes on, which she had to eat, ate breakfast and then bathed, made a makeup with a seductive red lipstick. She took her long shiny nylon stockings on it because of her nylon stockings slipped from her legs, she peered in the mirror and was pleased with what she saw, she took read Sex Story
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  4. Nylon Lover Ch. 1-2

    4/9/2019: Nylon Lover Ch. 1 My earliest recollection of nylons is when I was very young (early 50's). My Aunt Helen, who lived with us, worked as a secretary at a trucking company, and as such, always wore dresses or skirts to work. I remember that when she got home from work, she'd sit on the couch and take her stockings and high heels off, and leave them there until she went to bed. I was fascinated with read Sex Story
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  5. My fantasy.

    4/8/2019: Went to a party with a friend last night out on the fry in the Bahamas, we talked about future business deals we could make, when all of a sudden a taxi pulled up next to the spot we were sitting and out jumps three sexy partly clothed white girls, Josh noticed me staring each of them down frown their long hair which was blowing in the wind to their nicely shaped breast, one even had their nipples pierced which caused me to even get more curious of what else was. As they came closer they looked us up and down and asked were is a good place for them to get some good Bahamian food, so we suggest read Sex Story
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  6. Fantasy Revealed

    4/5/2019: "You know we have spent a lot of time discussing my fantasies but no time at all talking about yours...." She waited for a reply with raised eyebrows. I cleared my throat and rubbed my chin stalling for time because I was debating just how honest I should be. "Honey, stop spacing out and talk to me." She pleasantly implored. "What would you like to know?" I finally replied. "Well for starters what's your fantasy?" She asked. "I have fantasies like a lot of guys, you know." I answered evasively. "I know - like doing two women?" She smiled. "Well yes (I nodded), then there is one fantasy read Sex Story
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  7. Norma - part 5

    4/2/2019: By the time Norma had reached her parents farmhouse, the dogs cum had stopped oozing out, she was still sticky between her thighs and was in desperate need of a shower. Making sure that she held her composure, she got out of her car as her mother, Elsie came out of the house to greet her. “Hi, honey,” Else said. “What brings you all the way out here today?” “I’ve left Stan,” Norma replied. “I need a shower, Mother, can we talk later.” “Sure baby.” Elsey replied. Norma and her father, Peter, hadn’t spoken for some time. He had never liked Stan. After a brief question and answer period her f read Sex Story
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  8. Kareen's BBC Prison Cock PT4

    3/30/2019: ANOTHER SURPRISE A couple days later, we ended up at Dele's where surprise after surprise hit me. The first one happened the minute the front door was opened. The woman looked at me and smiled. A smile as if she knew I was coming. I looked at her and my jaw dropped... I imagine if I were a cartoon it would have literally hit the floor. The woman standing in front of me was the lawyer I'd first watched Kareem fuck. I couldn't recall her name at first, but there was no doubt it was the same woman. She offered, "Hi, I'm Janna, please come in." I was speechless and when I didn read Sex Story
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  9. It was milking time

    3/29/2019: This is one I've had hanging around for a time. I was staying the night with Laura and Bob; they were conveniently sited near one of our major suppliers and I took the opportunity to visit them about twice a year when I had a meeting. Laura was my wife's cousin, a pretty, rather conventional woman my own age. She had nice legs and a neat, small bust, light brown hair and a wide smile, but I had only occasionally thought of her as a sex object (at least, no more than any other woman). But the last time I had stayed with them Laura had been 7 months pregnant, huge and taut, and her bust had dev read Sex Story
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  10. a Lucky Day

    3/28/2019: A few years ago just after I retired I met this guy who was a manager at at restaurant and started to pay for all my meals and in exchange I worked on his cars,WIN WIN for the both of us.I started to go at lunch and would come home to look at porn as I would always catch a buzz,When I came home this one summer day I was feeling horny so I put on some Vintage porn movies,after a while I stripped Nude and thought I should go outside wearing only my panty. I would always go out on a work day so I knew my neighbors were at work,I had another cold beer on a table next to me and decided to remove my read Sex Story
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