1. I thrill at flashing Teenage Boys.

    12/11/2018: I sat and watched in both disbelief and amusement a man masturbate and release his pent up semen onto an unsuspecting girl, lost in her white ear buds and music, how easy for him, the lucky bugger, and yes, I laughed inwardly at her nonchalance as the staining of her dress started to harden. As a girl myself I frequently found semen stains on my school uniform and everyday clothes, back then we took it as a mark of attraction, dirty old men only came on the best looking girls, so we wore our 'Owned', stains with a sense femininity, not to mention an internal arousal in the toilet cubical, rel read Sex Story
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  2. 3 Times in Less Than 2 Hours

    12/5/2018: Although I never think of myself as a "knight in shining armor" I looked across the bar and saw the woman I eventually dated for years visibly squirming as a large man kept touching her and didn't seem to understand the definition of no. Two buddies took me out for drinks at a really fun downtown Montclair hotspot after I left a job that left my then-25-year-old soul crushed. All I wanted was to have a few laughs -- my buddies thought I was the coolest of their colleagues, which others seemed to share since I treated everyone kindly and always found a way to make everyone chuckle -- and a cou read Sex Story
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  3. Memorable Wedding Night

    12/2/2018: William has no trouble recalling a memorable wedding night and the participants: his brother’s wife, Kate; his niece; Pip and himself. Plenty of big bouncy boobs, cute booty, useful booze bottles and even more outrageous alcohol fuelled antics.... My name is Will and my brother’s wife’s name is Kate, not an abbreviated Catherine. And Katie chose the name Philippa for their only c***d, a daughter when Benny didn’t get his Phillip pushed out. Nice compromise on gender nomenclature preferences. Of course the distinguished Philippa was shortened by her friends to Pippa in high school and it stuck read Sex Story
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  4. Cougar on the Prowl (titfight)

    11/27/2018: Patricia stretched lazily, gazing at her latest conquest as the young, muscular guy continued to sleep off his exhaustion. He'd certainly earned a bit of rest after his hard work the previous night, having managed not one or two or even three, but full four rounds or hot, steamy sex. Which, incidentally, was exactly why Patricia always went after younger men - what they might lack in read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, Author: TitfightAugur, Source: LushStories
  5. Slave Rules- My first sex slave

    11/27/2018: hese are some rules a guy had to abide by from a former master he had. He gave them to me to use on him as he showed me the lifestyle. 1. slave is to be naked at all times in the house. When with Master or when in a gay bar or other appropriate places, for example a leather event, it must wear its metal butt plug, 2 pound ball weight and its heavy chain collar, unless Master orders otherwise. slave is never to wear underwear unless given permission. When slave is in chastity, it does not have to wear the ball weight. 2. slave should keep its balls shaved. Master will ensure slave ho read Sex Story
    Categories: BDSM, Fetish, First Time, Author: Topchoyce, Source: xHamster
  6. Twin Souls

    11/25/2018: As he enters their bedroom, he stands still in the door opening. He wears nothing but his boxers. It's dark outside, the lights are off. But he can see her quiet naked form in the pale moonlight. Just enough light, to see her beautiful shape. She kicked the sheets off of her, he smile as he watches her. He thinks to himself, "How did I ever get this lucky. So lucky to have her, my one true love, my twin soul. So beautiful..." He stands there for a few more minutes, watching her. She looks so beautiful, so enchanting. The stranger, who never was a stranger, and enslaved his heart. She may call read Sex Story
    Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Author: joyaandkenny, Source: xHamster
  7. Purr

    11/25/2018: Purr By Roxiblu ©2018 She sped down the road, top down radio up on a warm summer night who could ask of anything more? She was happy this way and lived for the moment spontaneous and free. The weekend had come and the long awaited Friday night had just begun as she headed toward the waterfront to meet a girlfriend at the Waterfront Hotel. The Emerald City was lit up and the Space needle peeked out over lake union. Beautiful she thought and realized Seattle was the place to be. There’s never a dull moment and besides a little rain, there was this a warm night and clear skies, good music and fr read Sex Story
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  8. I dream of jeanie

    11/23/2018: I Dream of Jeanie I have been happily married for 13 years now. My wife and I, like most other couples have had our ups and downs over the years. It just so happens we are on one of our downs now. I am not really sure how it all got started but the end result was me getting thrown out. I don't resent her for it, sometimes some time apart is good to regroup then rekindle your love. But during my time away I began a new chapter in my life. I only hope she can accept it and go along with it. So our fight started about a week ago and within two days she told me not to come home. I was not su read Sex Story
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  9. She was pretty wild - piss and more

    11/23/2018: Warning, the following scene contains elements that some readers may find distasteful. This includes: d**g use, anal, and mud. If you find any of the above offensive, please read no further. * It was toward the end of another hot, nasty day at work. The sun was high, the summer hot, and the blacktop rippled in mirage. The asphalt was hot enough to cook an egg. Most of the other guys had already gone home since most of the day's work had been thankfully finished early today. It wasn't always like that though; other days, they'd stay hours over to get caught up. Auto auctions were always like read Sex Story
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  10. An erotic anal fantasy of mine

    11/22/2018: This was actually a craigslist post I just put online looking for men to indulge me in my overpowering lust to take bareback anal from men and to lick and rim men's assholes. I'm becoming more exotic, kinky and perverted the more I immerse myself in porn. I love who I am, and want some of you to enjoy who I am as well. I'm not your average sexual bear. ************************************************************ Soft, warm, feminine, sensual, exceptionally clean bi male looking to do some more-than-standard sexual things with, and mostly for, other men. I love sucking cock to completion, I s read Sex Story
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