1. my universty friend

    4/21/2019: Hi, we read the machine at the Mechanical Engineering Department, at the end of the abaxial arm, we read the machine, we know what we know, when you enter big joy, when you enter the junk that sniffs the window, we are not our place, we can not stay in our place because we have young ages, we go to the campus in the nursing department, look at friends in empty classes, I met the girl student who read two nurses and met him and I could not say that he looked like a scene from the same green films, when the door opened quickly, I was in a hurry and I quickly got shot at the door. and I was very read Sex Story
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  2. Brother And Sister Doing The Forbidden

    4/20/2019: I am Amulya age 24, and I stand 5’’7′,with a sexy figure of 34d-28-36. I am from north India but my family has settled in Hyderabad. I have completed my B.tech from Pune and working for a MNC now. My family consists of 5 members mom dad me and my 2 brothers one elder and other younger. Elder brother is married and stays in Australia. Hero of this story is my younger brother.(Avinash good looking with 6 packs stand 6ft,any girl will fall f read Sex Story
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  3. Breakfast Club - Chapter 3 and 4

    4/18/2019: Chapter 3 Carl and I couldn't speak about it until Wednesday. Oh how I had found myself wanting it in that sudden moment of passion, but later that night I was devastated by my own behavior. I wondered if my marriage was going to end. Carl and I loved each other more than anything in the world and now it could all be over. We were somehow struck dumb afterwards and that only added to our read Sex Story
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  4. Big Black Cock In My Thirsty Pussy

    4/16/2019: My name is Amulya. I was working as an Asstt Marketing Manager for an Export Firm in Bangalore . I was 25 years, very fair, with stunning looks and a perfect figure of 34-24-38. I possessed one of the best well rounded buttocks. Every man who would pass by me was bound to give me a back stare admiring my buttocks. Even at 25 years I had maintained my proportions through regular jogging and yoga exercises. It so happened that a huge export order was in t read Sex Story
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  5. The Gift

    4/15/2019: When Lisa was 18 years old her Aunt Suzy explained to her how powerful her gift was. Up until then she was walking around with power she didn’t even know she had and didn’t understand in the least how to use such power. Before I continue with this story, let me backup and start at the beginning. Just after Lisa’s 18th birthday her Aunt Suzy came to live with them. Suzy’s husband had surprised read Sex Story
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  6. My stepdaughter's love overcame my scruples

    4/15/2019: I have been with my wife Adele, for about four years. We were high school sweethearts but for one reason or another drifted apart before we became serious. Many years and a couple of failed marriages later, we found each other again and this time settled into a committed, loving relationship. Adele is an amazing woman, displaying talent as an artist, musician, housewife and mother. And lover. Her skill in the bedroom has certainly never left me disappointed and she seems to be perpetually horny. I only have to kiss her hard and she moans, often grabbing my hand to thrust it down into her panti read Sex Story
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    4/14/2019: While waiting for Danny I ran upstairs to put on a different shirt. I didn't feel right keeping the other rather revealing one on to ask Danny for the favor. Especially since he was on to my ploy. I changed quickly and then returned to the street to wait. Calling Mom I told her I would be late and not to wait dinner. "I'm going to eat at a restaurant here before coming home." "Alone?" "No. I'm treating someone I met to a meal. He's in college..." "So, it's a boy." Trust my mom to jump on that detail. "Yes, he's a boy read Sex Story
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  8. My first time getting fucked. True Story

    4/13/2019: When I was a young boy I had my first cock inside of me. I wasn't sure what I was doing but it felt so good. One of my older brothers friends usto go to our house to chill. he didn't look gay or act gay, he looked like a thug, he was handsome and had a great body. him and my brother would always talk about fucking girls, from then on I was so interested in sex. I always wondered how girls felt to get fucked, how a cock tasted and I always imagined getting fucked, but never thought it would happen since I didn't consider myself gay or bi. I always fantasized about cocks, and how they tasted a read Sex Story
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  9. Collection of American Dad Erotica

    4/13/2019: <u>LUST</u> Steve had nothing to do he had the day off from school due to the fact it had just been partially destroyed by Stan Steve's ever responsible father now he was home alone with only Claus and his Mother to keep him company. Haley was somewhere with Jeff living in his van and Stan was somewhere in the middle east on a mission and Roger was in south America impersonating a Columbian d**g lord since he was more or less alone Steve had taken the opportunity to have a quick jerk off session. Unbeknownst to him he had an audience on her way to the bathroom to take a shower Francine heard read Sex Story
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  10. Human Contact (2)

    4/13/2019: Brynn awoke with dizzying thoughts and questions. The night before had been unexpected and he wasn’t sure what to think. He loved his times with Gilbert but now felt despair that the older man might have changed his mind. It was surprising how quickly it had come about. They had returned from Easton City and Gilbert had parked behind BattleLines VideoChallenge, as usual. What was not usual was read Sex Story
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