1. My wife's KIK account

    2/22/2019: I wasn't even sure what KIK was, but I quickly found out. My wife was at work and called me from her office number to tell me that she had left her phone at home, and in case I needed to reach her, to use her office land line. Later that day, I arrived home before her usual arrival time, so I went to find her phone, to verify it was where she had thought. I'm not sure what made me open her phone (easy password) but I began to look at her chats. I felt a bit guilty, particularly since most of her chats were between her sister and other immediate family members, and the rest were work question read Sex Story
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  2. Trisha Did What?

    2/21/2019: Matt had just about enough. He almost failed his Civics test almost got detention and now the school bully was messing with him for the 5th time this week. When stuff like this happened Matt hated himself. He was barely 5'6" in his junior year of ighschool. He hated getting picked on by this guy he had to be at least 6'5" 280lbs and played football. Trisha had had enough with the picking and read Sex Story
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  3. Fifty Bucks

    2/21/2019: “Shit, it’s really come down now. We’re snowed in for sure.” I’m listening to my roommate moaning again about the snow storm that struck last night that is expected to last for at least two more days. “Hey Cory, relax man. As long as we can get to the student union we won’t starve.” He turned to look at me with obvious disgust on his face. “It’s not food I need, it’s my girl friends ass that I read Sex Story
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  4. Moguls - Creepin' & Background

    2/20/2019: Travis Jackson was a maintenance worker at a ball bearing plant. The handsome dark-skinned man had been married to Sheila since he was thirty. That had been eight years. They had a daughter, McKenna, together. His wife also had two sons from previous relationships. The oldest, Drake, was a thug and in and out of jail. The other, Sirvaughn, was a star basketball player with a chance to hoop at a Ju-Co in Illinois. His wife was in the shower as he texted his coworker Parris. Parris Lawrence was the human resources admin at the Trudexo Steel facility. He stood five-feet-three-inches tall and wei read Sex Story
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  5. Cum Research with Mom

    2/19/2019: Dr. Maria Ramirez was in a serious bind. Due to a technical error, a coolant hadn't been activated properly, which resulted in several vials of sperm samples becoming unusable for research purposes. From her perspective, it seemed that one of the new medical assistants had forgotten to use proper procedure with the equipment. In the end, she was the lab manager, and checking to ensure all the equipment was properly working was her responsibility. Making matters even more difficult, she was being considered for the soon-to-be vacant spot of Head of Research and Development. She'd be one of a read Sex Story
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  6. What Started As A Joke

    2/19/2019: Authors notes: This is essentially a true story with a few modifications. Additionally the names of the people involved have been changed. Additionally all people in this story are over the age of 21. What Started As A Joke My name is John, and I'm going to tell you about what went on at a Saint Patrick's day party. But to do that I have to go back about a week or so. You see I work at a company read Sex Story
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  7. Meeting Dee

    2/18/2019: being discharged from the army after my 3 year enlistment ended was somewhat bittersweet. i was stationed in germany at the time and had to leave my girlfriend of the last 6 months. ute had an increible body, the classic blonde hair, blue eyed, tall, big tit german. she was really good in bed and bi-sexual. she got a kick out of showing her girlfriends my big cock because it was circumcised. with a little alcohol and a couple tokes of hash, she was up for just about anything. however, she was not coming to the united states and i was not staying in germany. i had a huge sense of loss and heart read Sex Story
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  8. How I spent this summer.

    2/16/2019: How I spent this summer. Page 1 In the summer I take way to my parents. They worked under contract at a closed military base. This quite suited me, because it was a pretty deserted island and I enjoyed my freedom from unwanted and curious eyes I found on the peak of a cliff, a wonderful natural pool, filled with the purest and transparent rain water. The water has warmed in the Sun and was just a hot. It was some problem with fresh water along the island. Water was transported at a tanker and they pumped her into a village just for two hours in the morning and in the evening. Now I can swim read Sex Story
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  9. My first time as a hotwife

    2/16/2019: My husband and I had been married for the last nine years. For years my husband has been hinting that he wanted to try swinging. I have always been shy and had only slept with two other men before we met. To me, this seemed so foreign, and I was worried that it would hurt our marriage. About a year ago, I felt that sex wasn't as passionate and exciting as it once was and I thought I didn't need it very often. It wasn't that our sex life was terrible, in fact, my husband is fantastic in bed, I just felt that I didn't need it as much as I use to. One Sunday afternoon, I told my husband that I read Sex Story
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  10. My Teacher helps me with economy exam

    2/16/2019: He looked at her, and she could see a decision forming in his eyes, the one she wanted. Trying to look demure and innocent, she looked away from his hot gaze towards the floor. Involuntarily, her gaze stopped at his lap. Wow, that's quite the bulge! There was no doubt that he was hard. She looked down at it for several moments, enjoying the thought of its hardness and all that it implied. The chair creaked and she glanced back at him, and realized that he had seen her looking at his erection. Her game was revealed – he realized that she was teasing him with her body purposefully. Suddenly hi read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, First Time, Incest / Taboo, Author: StefaniaCarlucci, Source: xHamster