1. More Than a Meet Ch. 01

    12/10/2018: Not long after joining a Bi-sexual site, I met a guy from my town and soon began chatting about what we wanted. I told him I had never been with a guy but very eager to find out if I would like it. He informed me he had been Bi for some time and willing to teach me. We chatted for a fair while when he suggested we could chat in person if I was willing to meet him. Somewhat unsure I agreed to meet just for a chat, nothing more which he was fine with. He introduced himself as Dave and I could come to his place. I took him up on the offer, telling him I would be there after a shower and clean u read Sex Story
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  2. That Phone Call.

    12/10/2018: Sat at home waiting for the wife to come home from work! I thought I won't ring her in case she is driving? I waited and waited but no call. I rang her but no reply she must have a flat battery?. sometimes Jane goes out after work with her friends for a little wine to chill and talk work so I wasn't worried. I sat at home and chilled watching the football. the hours flew by and still no call, it was now 11'30 so I was a little worried, I rand her text her but still nothing, I rang Jane her friend and she said she wasn't with her but she will be Ok. I decided to lay upstairs on the bed re read Sex Story
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    12/9/2018: There's a small, exclusive hotel in the Caribbean where lucky guests get most unusual privileges. I heard about it from my friends who had been there and came back raving all about the food, beach and gardens, décor and service , Especially the service ! When I first heard their stories, I thought they was over exaggerating, but since I'm always game for adventure, I booked the two flights and boat trip necessary to get there, packed my suntan lotion and shorts and headed for JFK International. Within a few hours of my arrival, I found out they wasn't k**ding ! Because of th read Sex Story
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  4. [FM] Caught masturbating naked and fucked by my ro

    12/8/2018: Freshman year of college, I lived in a dorm with 4 girls. There were 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom that we all shared. I had gotten pretty close with all the people I lived with so at a certain point I would just walk from the shower into my room without any clothes or a towel. Some of my roommates would occasionally do the same. I think I saw all of them naked at least once during the year. Near the end of that year, my roommate told me that her cousin would be visiting on Friday, but by the time that day rolled around, I had completely forgotten. So on that Friday afternoon, I went to take a sh read Sex Story
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  5. Viagra Worked Perfectly In Satisfying Me

    12/6/2018: I was sweating too much , he was sweating too much. The sound of his balls hitting my pussy was through the whole room. The Viagra had kicked in perfectly. I will not lie I was enjoying him a lot for the first time. My name is Nikila and I was being fucked by my neighbour’s husband. And I was fucking loving it. I am married but the extra martial affairs keep me alive. I am extra careful and extra slutty. He grabbed my boobs and pressed them read Sex Story
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  6. A Strange Happening

    12/6/2018: Chapter 1: A shock, then reminiscing My name is Ian and the story I am about to relate, you might think is a strange one, but it is all true though hard to understand. It started some 18 months ago, I had been working away from home, I am a self-employed software engineer, and had been working in Germany for a month. When I arrived home at about 2200 the house was in darkness, this, I thought, was read Sex Story
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  7. Rikki convinces Tyler to do her History homework

    12/6/2018: This is based on a true story, with some details fudged around a bit. If you want to know what happens after, post a comment below and I might add chapter two :) __________________________________ Rikki yawned yet again. Her new History teacher Mr Galveston was droning on again about the American Revolution. It was only the second week of her Senior year in High School, and Mr Galveston had given read Sex Story
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  8. Him

    12/5/2018: On a cold snowy night in January, is when I met “him”. We had talked online and decided to meet. From pictures I could tell he was my type. Tall, amazing eyes, sweet smile and his cock.. mm well that comes a little later. We both wanted someone we could see who could satisfy our sexual urges. The night came where I told him I’d meet up with him at a Tim Hortons parking lot. I was so nervous. Like a little school girl, I thought my heart was going to beat out my chest. Every insecurity I had came out to play. I told him if he liked me, he should kiss me so I knew. I pulled up beside him and he read Sex Story
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  9. The Babysitter

    12/4/2018: Falling victim to the fashion trend of the tight black leggins, left almost nothing to the imagination, as her legs, small hips, and the tiny gap between her thighs, were open-season for anyone who dared to view them for more than two seconds. She was not the first babysitter Mister I would have chosen to watch his k**s, since Teagan was just a k** herself, yet he also didn't dare to tell his wife that he found her to be somewhat of a distraction as well. "The k**s love her," she always said, "She such a nice and polite girl," he remembered her saying once. Teagan was just starting middle scho read Sex Story
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  10. Sister's assumptions are happily incorrect

    12/3/2018: Danielle slowly opens the door to her brother's room. As she looks into the darkness, she feels a little guilty about invading his privacy. After all, she asks herself, didn't she get enraged when she found him digging through her room just a couple of years ago. Yes, she tells herself, but this is different. Kyle is hiding something, she knows this. While their relationship has not always been the strongest, he would always talk to her, offer to do things with her. Little things. She came home for spring break almost six days ago. Kyle had said hello when she entered the house and that has b read Sex Story
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