1. How it all started

    7/19/2019: It all started in College , playing football had a lot of perks , Women would throw themselves at us and I was more than happy to indulge . My teammate / roommate Jaron who is black 6’1 , 220 and chiseled was constantly fucking married women , one night he ask me if I wouod join him And fuck this married women he’s been fucking for some time , he tells me the lady wants to have a 3some so after seeing pics of her I said fuck it why not , so the night was going great we are both fucking her and she’s sucking our dicks but at some point in the night while I was fucking her Jaron decided to start read Sex Story
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  2. Teen blows coworker.

    7/17/2019: I had sucked Derek’s cock twice now, but at work, we played it cool. On occasion, when no one was looking, he would squeeze my ass, letting me know he was thinking about me, but that was it. No one knew anything about us. Derek was a few years older than me and had kind of seduced me that first time. I never thought for a second though how much I would grow to love his big, black, hanging cock. ”Can I come over?” I asked quietly, when no one else was around. Derek looked at me and smiled as he nodded his head, yes. He knew what I wanted and his sly smile said it all. Once at his place, I sat read Sex Story
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  3. I Promise I won't Penetrate You PT2

    7/14/2019: There I was, laying on my back as Tom straddled my chest and fed his flaccid cock into my willing mouth. I picked up my head to be able to suck him into me. I actually sort of liked the softness of his cock in my mouth like this. I swirled and sucked his cock, almost playing with it for the moment. Then I remembered that I needed to stop just enjoying the play time and get him hard. Tom wasn't going to leave until he came in my ass again and I needed him out of the house before my wife came home! I started sucking harder and, even though he had just shot his load a few minutes before, he be read Sex Story
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  4. Horny Step Brother-Parts 1&2

    7/13/2019: Please Comment if you want more! When I was 9 years old my mom remarried and we moved in with my step dad and his two boys. One was 9 like me and the other was 14 and heavy (fat but Solid like a linebacker). The boys each had their own rooms so I had to share a room with Jerry (not his real name) and he did not like it one bit. He was a little taller but was about 20lbs more than me and let me know I was unwanted. They had bunk beds which they separated and moved to each side of the room but whenever I tried to get in one of the beds he would say it was his and made me get off. His brother Ri read Sex Story
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  5. bubble ass

    7/13/2019: After the night she made me playing the girl she coudnt stop inviting me over at night she woud meet me in the backyard and walk me to her room always fresh out of a shower like she wanted ass up in one of her panty on her lap getting lube and played with her hot vibrator i was now craving to have in me moaning like a girl for her and loving it too much always back the toy in the panty i wear proudly getting between her legs and licking her my ass dancing for her gigling on its own the buzzing sound matching my moan , tongue laping at my best friend cunt i was now starting to know how to li read Sex Story
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  6. My first Gay experience .

    7/12/2019: Mark knew it would be my first time with another guy. I had met him online and after alittle chatting, exchanged pictures. He was Hispanic, a little on the heavy set side, but nice looking. It was when he sent me a picture of his cock that I knew I really wanted to see him. His dick was thick, about 6 inches long, and had a nice full head. The kind of cock I had fantasized about. I knew I would be nervous, so I suggested that maybe I could just start by giving him a massage. That way, I thought, I could control the pace and only go as far as I was comfortable with. We set up a “date” and I n read Sex Story
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  7. Masseur gets a huge surprise.

    7/10/2019: My first client of the day was new. I had never met him before and only knew that he was a “referral” and had blocked out an entire hour. He walked in with a confident swagger. He was a big man, heavy set and thick. When he stripped down completely naked in the room with me standing there, I had an idea as to what kind of referral he was! He was large, and hairy, and had a big ass, but it was when he turned that I got the surprise of my life. His cock hung down and it was the size of a red bull can. I could barely keep my eyes from starring. No wonder why he was so confident! It swung side t read Sex Story
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  8. My First Adventure with Keith

    7/9/2019: I’ve always been an adventurous type and always looking for new experiences and I’ve always involved myself with those who were like-minded. My circle of friends were involved in kayaking and canoeing, flying, paragliding, scuba diving, martial arts, shooting – You name it we were into it. My best friend Bob frequently talked about his cousin Keith who lived in Pennsylvania and how he would fit in read Sex Story
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  9. Faggot Fuck me Gay

    7/9/2019: This faggot deserved all the public humiliation he endured at our hands. I mean the guy dressed constantly in pink, his wrist was so bent he wouldn't be able to catch a basketball if his life depended on it and his voice was so high-pitched we all figured he had a cunt. I'd picked on him as far back as I could remember; he was just a weird, skinny, uncoordinated loser who didn't remotely fit into a southern Texas town where football was the true gospel. And his parents hadn't helped any either by naming him Cecil. But mostly he brought the constant teasing, bullying and ridicule on himself read Sex Story
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  10. The Evening That Changed Me

    7/6/2019: The evening i changed This is pure fiction My usual saturday routine was underway. Drinking alone at my local sports bar. 6 beers in, a stunning women with dark brown hair walks in. Shes wearing a black dress high heels, and a choker. Obviously im checking her out and c cup chest, but in my head i know shed never go for a guy like me, im tall bearded, chubby and have a pony tail... think louise ck but with pony tail. Compared to her looking like seline from underworld... i stood no chance, for so i thought. I ask the bartender for another beer, as she gets it for me, who would walk over b read Sex Story
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