1. on the beach

    2/22/2019: We all got the warning about the beach being a dangerous place at night when on holidays in Miami but i didnt really care about it being around 6 feet and able to handle myself if something woud happen my friends were sleeping and i wanted to smoke a cigarette walkign on the beach near the hotel i was sat on the beach relaxing i never ear the footsteps all i felt was 2 big hands on my head turning around wondering what was it ''shhhhh boy ...open '' looking at the fat tall black guy cock going in my mouth without loosing time ''mphhhh mpggg argg'' trying to remove him but he kept me b read Sex Story
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  2. Fifty Bucks

    2/21/2019: “Shit, it’s really come down now. We’re snowed in for sure.” I’m listening to my roommate moaning again about the snow storm that struck last night that is expected to last for at least two more days. “Hey Cory, relax man. As long as we can get to the student union we won’t starve.” He turned to look at me with obvious disgust on his face. “It’s not food I need, it’s my girl friends ass that I read Sex Story
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  3. Moguls - Creepin' & Background

    2/20/2019: Travis Jackson was a maintenance worker at a ball bearing plant. The handsome dark-skinned man had been married to Sheila since he was thirty. That had been eight years. They had a daughter, McKenna, together. His wife also had two sons from previous relationships. The oldest, Drake, was a thug and in and out of jail. The other, Sirvaughn, was a star basketball player with a chance to hoop at a Ju-Co in Illinois. His wife was in the shower as he texted his coworker Parris. Parris Lawrence was the human resources admin at the Trudexo Steel facility. He stood five-feet-three-inches tall and wei read Sex Story
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    2/19/2019: SCALLY DELIGHTS By: XTALES CHAPTER 1 - DALE MA' BOY (Gay TM/M Submission/Domination) MAIN CHARACTERS David = 45 Bank Manager Dale = 18 Chav I don't know why I accepted, I guess I could not refuse a favour to my best friend after all he did for me. So when he asked me to accompany his son to the match I could not refuse. My friend bought 2 tickets for Chelsea – Arsenal, but a last minute hiccup read Sex Story
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  5. my name is rex

    2/15/2019: My name is Rex and I live with my mom and my siblings Mike and Kate, I just clocked 16 years old while my brother is 15 years old and my sister 14 years old and yes my mom give birth three years in a row. Things had been good until last year when my dad died, it was really a sad moment, things became had for us since my mom was an house wife before my dad death, we had already spent our money read Sex Story
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  6. You never know which dick you end up with

    2/12/2019: Just before I stepped up to pay my fee to enter the arcade area at one of my favorite adult book stores, a hot younger guy, who acted somewhat inexperienced with the routine of the place, was paying for his entry. I wondered if I might get lucky with him as I followed him back to the dark aisles of the arcade, admiring his slim ass all the way. There had been some damage to the place since I was last there—doors ripped off their hinges and stuff like that. But still, there were a lot of men milling around. I followed the object of my attention all the way to the back where the door to the la read Sex Story
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  7. My last gloryhole visit

    2/12/2019: I had not been able to get to my local glory hole for several weeks and I was really wanting to suck a few juicy cocks. One Saturday I was able to go to Newport and soon found myself sitting in the glory hole booth. I fed the machine, lowered my pants and started stroking my hard cock. I watched and stroked for a few minutes when I heard the door close in the next booth. I took a peek to see if I knew the guy and discovered that he was a guy I had sucked his cock there before. The man was over 6’ tall and I already knew his cock was only about 5” long. But he had big low hung balls that read Sex Story
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  8. Nutty things I've done while cross dressing

    2/12/2019: When I started cross-dressing I used to do the craziest things. I used to walk down my driveway, which was 400 ft long, in pitch black in the woods, no lights, not even streetlights, with scary dangerous creatures, like bear, mountain lions, coyotes, and more, all around. Dangerous as hell, but I used to walk down to the road in high heels stockings and a bra, with my purse, in a wig, nothing else. I used to walk up and down the street day and night like that out in the country in Hemlock NY. I used to venture away from the end of my driveway quite a bit down the road at night and cars would t read Sex Story
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  9. the feeling of smooth frilly panty

    2/6/2019: they were my mother friend sons She just got divorced and came to live on the other side of the street our backyard sharing a fence they were 5 years older and made me feel like one of their friends early on, playing video games and going to the parc playing soccer most weeks mixed with a father from cuba who left back there 2 years ago, waiting for his sons to attend university before leaving his wife the first night i saw it between my fence from my window i froze and kept looking wondering what he was playing with a cylinder black thig in his hand watching porn a bit far away for me to read Sex Story
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  10. Single Mom - National Park Part II

    2/4/2019: Coree Stewart turned the sapphire blue Cadillac crossover SUV into the parking lot of Loving Arms Community Church. His mom, Rochelle, was giving him as much practice as possible since he had gotten his learner’s permit. He enjoyed it and secretly hoped his sixteenth birthday in the upcoming March would net him a new car. Rochelle joined this church shortly after beginning the adoption paperwork for Coree and Jeramiah. All three enjoyed being an active part of the non-denominational congregation. They were just a few minutes late for Sunday school. She stepped out of the vehicle wearing an read Sex Story
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