1. Freshman Couple's Night Out - Part 2

    7/15/2019: "Oh please! AAAHHH!!!" the young blonde squealed as the large Mexican, as naked as she was, pounded into her from behind, their bodies joining with a loud cadence of smacks as her pussy felt the barrage of his thrusting manhood. It was a wonder her moans couldn't be heard across the street. About an hour ago, the young freshman couple, Trisha and her boyfriend Everett, had been forced by this read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Anal Black, Coercion Cum Swallowing BDSM Non-consensual sex Oral Sex / Blowjob Rape Reluctance Author: gaggedKitty23, Source: sexstories.com
  2. Sisters in Slavery Chapter Seven part one

    7/11/2019: Chapter Seven Part 1 I've decided instead of one final chapter I'll do it in multiple parts. - Author's note to readers. Nothing about this story is meant to portray any of the characters as under eighteen years of age despite the obvious sexual naivety of the main characters. Also this story also features themes of rape, slavery, bestiality, and incest. It is intended as fantasy and nothing else read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy Asian, Bestiality Body modification, BDSM Voyeur / Exhibitionism Latex fetish, Lesbian Non-consensual sex Prostitution, Rape Slavery, Masturbation / Toys Author: Hellcat41979, Source: sexstories.com
  3. The Transformation of Kerry

    7/7/2019: It should have been a good week. Classes were over and I’d taken all my exams and even felt like I did well on most of them. I was depressed though. I had a week before classes started again, but didn’t want to go home, even though it wasn’t far. I really didn’t think my family wanted to see me anyhow. My name is Kerry and I’m 18 years old and a college freshman. I lived in a dorm, a coed dorm, read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Bisexual Lesbian Straight Sex Non-consensual sex Trans Author: jackie_em, Source: sexstories.com
  4. Crossed Lines

    7/6/2019: Leo took a slow refreshing drink from a cup of now warm water, sitting at the edge of an intricately designed diagram drawn out with fine red chalk, his eyes scanning studiously over his magnum opus, checking it for errors or faults, knowing even a single smudged line could result in his downfall. Everything was perfect and exactly as the book had detailed, the chalked lines the definition of read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Anal Coercion BDSM Non-consensual sex Rape Trans Trans Written by women Author: XtinaSmith, Source: sexstories.com
  5. Donor X

    6/27/2019: In a future world, not that distant from our own, overpopulation is no longer an issue... but the survival of the human race is. Eighteen-year-old James Wiseman reports for his first monthly “deposit” and finds out that he is a very special young man. I normally don’t write stories based on others people’s ideas, but when Literotica member dimimis1991 proposed this to me, it struck a chord deep read Sex Story
    Categories: Science-Fiction , Anal Oral Sex / Blowjob BDSM Enema, BDSM Non-consensual sex Slavery, Author: The_Technician, Source: sexstories.com
  6. The Beach

    6/19/2019: It's the break we have been waiting for... one that does not involve us taking any off days at work. You get done with your shopping trips and breakfast duties with your folks and finally have some you time. And of course, you have month end work to look into. I wait, impatiently maybe... but I know you would be able to spare some time and that's what matters. Well, since I do not have anything read Sex Story
    Categories: Diary BDSM BDSM BDSM Straight Sex Non-consensual sex Reluctance Written by women Author: SMXena, Source: sexstories.com
  7. Mission 2: Paris

    6/18/2019: The next day I took a plane back to the United States. I had to be careful as the problem with rape is you leave your DNA tithe scene. My agency gave me papers to get through the checkpoints. I caught a cab and headed home. When I arrived back at my apartment, I found a letter had been pushed under my door. I emptied the contents of the envelope. A letter gave me the rundown of the next mission. I read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Violence / Cruelty BDSM First Time Humiliation Job / Office Sex Teen Non-consensual sex Rape Teen Torture, Violence / Cruelty First Time Author: AgentRA, Source: sexstories.com
  8. Taking Ownership

    6/10/2019: Taking Ownership By Randy MacAnus NOTE: All rights are reserved by the author. If you are underage in your jurisdiction or you are offended by stories of gay sex, that includes bondage, Dominant/submissive themes, pain and humiliation, then do not read this. The author does not encourage or condone the use of manipulation or dishonesty to get laid in the real world under any circumstances. The read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction BDSM Blackmail, BDSM Cock & ball torture, Coercion BDSM First Time Gay Group Sex Humiliation Non-consensual sex Teen First Time Author: Randy MacAnus, Source: sexstories.com
  9. Playing Dare with Sis Part 2

    6/8/2019: Part 2 I was almost too excited to sleep that night. I had just cum deep in my sister’s pussy for the second time in a matter of hours. She was now crunched up between me and Vlad. Vlad was sleeping like a baby. I groped my sister’s big tits from behind, I loved how soft they felt. I moved one had down her toned stomach before reaching her juicy ass cheek and giving it a squeeze. I couldn’t read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Anal Ass to mouth, Blackmail, Humiliation Non-consensual sex Teen Author: DavidHog, Source: sexstories.com
  10. Unwanted: Part 4

    6/3/2019: Tiffany was alone in her room, doing her homework on her bed, when she heard a knock at her door. "I'm busy," she called out without looking up. "Come on, open up," Jon hissed back at her through the door. She rolled her eyes while standing up from her bed and stalking across the room. She wore a scowl on her face when she opened the door. "What's with that look?" Jon asked while poking her in the read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Anal Cheating Coercion Incest / Taboo Non-consensual sex Rape Reluctance Romance Teen Teen Author: sandstorm3636, Source: sexstories.com