1. Old is horny

    2/22/2019: Hi my name John, I’m 22 now. describe myself tall slim, some people say very femine, my story is about when I was 17, my parents asked me help old friends of theirs fix there cottage up. I stay with them a few days and get paid well. Now bill was about 72, he was tall like me but fatter. His wife Sue was small lady I think a year younger, grey hair saggy tits but cute ass I noticed that. We worked hard cleaning the mess ( and believe me it was a mess ) it was very warm and we all wore shorts and loose tops, and where exhausted by end off day. My shoulders where hurting me ( bad when old couple read Sex Story
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  2. Yes, I've tried Pee-Play

    2/22/2019: I've pissed in my own mouth a couple times. You know that urine is sterile when it comes out. It just deteriorates and becomes rancid fairly quickly. Some people drink it everyday and claim certain health benefits from doing so. But not first thing in the morning, like in some stories I've read. No way. It's just too concentrated, and I can tell you that from experience. I had a nice married couple that I "bulled" for over a year. She was 35, short blonde hair and very petite, 5'2" and maybe 110 lbs. She worked for an optometrist. He was 38 and was in construction, bisexual and in very good read Sex Story
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  3. Silkie goes to a porn theater (1970)@2016

    2/15/2019: "How does that feel, Leo, if I push my ass on you like that? How does that feel, baby?" " If he comes before I do, I'm gonna be really pissed. Can't have that. I need to come, I really need it, I don't think he is going to last very long." "One thing I learned about getting it in my ass is that I can rub myself as hard and fast as I want, the dick never gets in the way, and the guy is still fucking me like crazy................" " 'I was masturbating as hard as I could. He had his arms around me,The feeling I was getting from Leo pumping it into me as I did that was way beyond words. I took read Sex Story
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  4. Auf gute Nachbarschaft

    2/5/2019: Wer meine Stories liest, wird schnell feststellen, dass ich versuche, um den wichtigen Teil eine Geschichte zu packen. Ich finde zwar auch Geschichten toll, wo es schnell zur Sache geht. Aber hier ist es mal wieder etwas mehr Text geworden. Kommentare sind ausdrücklich erwünscht! Diese Story ist frei erfunden! Mögliche Ähnlichkeiten mit Namen und Orten sind rein zufällig. Ich war erst vor ein paar Tagen in meine Wohnung im Hamburger Randbezirk gezogen. Nach der Trennung von meiner Ex musste einfach ein neuer Abschnitt in meinem Leben eingeleitet werden und die Wohnungssuche gestaltete sich a read Sex Story
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  5. Long hair beauty

    2/2/2019: This is my first & true story. My name is Harika. I am a Tamil girl. I am 24 years old, fair, & slim. I am 5’6” tall and have a long, thick, and silky hair. I have size 34 d boobs & clean shaved pussy. I think my sex appeal lies in my long hair as guys go crazy after my long hair. I have received many compliments espec read Sex Story
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  6. Birthday Night And A Cheating Girlfriend

    1/23/2019: So coming to the days before my birthday, my boyfriend was damn excited for my birthday and we were planning to do something but could not decide. He asked me what I want to do? I said him let’s go for two days holiday. Somewhere he planned accordingly for two days. He booked a studio apartment in a very beautiful city near Pune. He invited his friend Mangesh and even his girlfriend Anjali for the trip. They both agreed to the trip. The day before my birthday, we left for the trip, we picked Mangesh then his girlfriend Anjal read Sex Story
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  7. having a nice session with her Papa…

    1/20/2019: A lovely lustful adventure of dad and daughter… Rajesh is a 48 years old guy, working as a manager for one of the reputed banks. His family consisted of his wife Savitri (45) and two beautiful daughters Nisha (23) who's married now and Esha(21) who's marriage is fixed. Although Rajesh was 48, he looked read Sex Story
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  8. Fucked at Summer Camp

    1/15/2019: **Everyone is 18 and over. This story is a slow burn, but I hope you find it worth it in the end. Constructive criticism is always welcome! I hope you enjoy as always - Alyssa** ***** "Oh my god mom I don't want to go!" I threw myself back onto my bed. "I already paid for it, so you are going" mom followed me into my room. "Next year you do not have to, but humor me one more time before you leave for college and I lose my baby girl." I groaned and growled, "Fine, but this is the last time." Eighteen years old and going to summer camp. Officially a grown up and I am still being treated as read Sex Story
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  9. Episode 86: Professor Lola G-spot

    1/4/2019: Mum: “What are you reading baby”? Alia: “I’ve been researching my orgasms – you know – the way I keep passing out. Some sites say it’s like a sensory overload – my body just can’t take so much stimulation”. Mum strokes Alia’s shoulder: “you mean like that time on Tuesday when you just checked out”? “Yes Mum, it keeps on happening” I didn’t mention the time at the pub fucking Brian “I found this article by a Psychology Professor working at Exeter university and she is looking for trial subjects. Can I join up Mum – please – it would be so cool.” I showed Mum the article – it said there was read Sex Story
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  10. My Roomie And A Project Colleague

    12/22/2018: My name is Harika fair color, 5 feet 3 inches and stats of 32b-24-34. I had sex for the first time when I was 18. Till now, I had a lot of sex experiences which includes FFM, MMF, group, threesome lesbian, group, submission and much more. I used to share this only with my friends and while sex chat on FB. One of my boyfriends gave this idea of penning down my experiences as stories in ISS. I though it’s a good idea and then here it goes. This is a combination of reality and fiction just to spice up the heat. This is one of read Sex Story
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