1. Am I An Angel Or A Devil – Part 1

    4/19/2019: I am Harika from Bangalore and am 24 years old now. I am here to share my first real sex experience. In know its bit long but I want you all to know fully what happened to me. So please don’t mistake me… First let me tell you all about my family. My mom and dad loved each other. Both in my dad’s house and in my mom’s house their parents strongly opposed their love. So they eloped and got married. During that time my dad was working in a private organisation and my mom was a housekeeper. They just led their life happily wi read Sex Story
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  2. Busty Indian MILF Fucked And Satisfied

    4/14/2019: Prachi was a sexy MILF in every sense. She was around 38 years of age with a bombshell figure when I first saw her. Prachi had huge boobs (around 40) and her ass (around 42) was to die for. She was plump. In our initial meeting, she was wearing a saree with a deep back cut and her back was looking awesome. Slowly, I got to know her and started with casual ‘hi’ and ‘hello’. I came to know that she was married and had a k**. However, she also had an read Sex Story
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    4/14/2019: While waiting for Danny I ran upstairs to put on a different shirt. I didn't feel right keeping the other rather revealing one on to ask Danny for the favor. Especially since he was on to my ploy. I changed quickly and then returned to the street to wait. Calling Mom I told her I would be late and not to wait dinner. "I'm going to eat at a restaurant here before coming home." "Alone?" "No. I'm treating someone I met to a meal. He's in college..." "So, it's a boy." Trust my mom to jump on that detail. "Yes, he's a boy read Sex Story
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  4. About Lisa...

    4/8/2019: I met Lisa in my final year at uni I was working in a community mental health home. Lisa floated between two houses, one with two males and the other with two females. Wednesdays were when she was supporting the females, one of which was involved romantically with one of the males at the house I worked on a Wednesday. As Lisa and I got to know each other I was offered more work. She recommended me highly to her managers. Typically I'd take the lad shopping and then take him to the gym. At the beginning our Wednesday routine consisted of, shopping and gym. Gymming was literally, two minutes o read Sex Story
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  5. A Sex Slave To Gangsters By My Own Husband!

    3/26/2019: I am Bavi 26-year female.Here I describe the reason why I have abandoned my husband.It is a long story.I was married to him 10 read Sex Story
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    3/20/2019: Мне было 20 лет , когда я устроился работать на завод . Получив первую зарплату , мужики привязалась ко мне , чтоб я выставил ,типа обмыл первую зарплату.Купив не мало выпивки они напились вумат , я немного выпив седел и смотрел на этот цирк.Вечер все расходится , а Славик мужчина 46 лет с нашей бригады ели идти может , и здесь выясняется , что я с ним живу в одном районе , мужики пристали ко мне , чтоб я его довел до дома . Сев в автобус , конечно он уснул , и здесь , как на зло еще пошел дождь .Кое как разбудив его ,, мы вылезли с автобуса , Славик мужчина не маленький , тащить его под руч read Sex Story
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  7. Her first blowjob

    3/10/2019: Ex wife and I are sitting on the couch watching some boring show. Her oldest niece (19 years old), we'll call her P, was over and came in the room upstairs. She wanted to speak to her aunt in private. 'What's up? Everything ok?" wife asks "Aunt C, how do I make a boy happy?" P asked "Oh, well, there are lots of ways" C said "How do you make uncle J happy?" P asked "Well I take care of him if he is sick, we spend time together, we try and do things we both like, I try to get into things he likes and vise versa." C explained "Anything sexually?" P asked Wife is a little surprised at this read Sex Story
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  8. Customer Service - Part Five

    3/8/2019: "I will remain here, just to make sure there are no problems. It's not our policy to provide customer service without proper training, but since we are doing so I should stay here." Goodman went over to Miss Schwartz, took her by the arm, and led her to the table. He leaned her back against it. He rubbed his cock along her pussy, front to back, a few times, then lined it up and pushed slowly in. When he reached her hymen, he stopped. She seemed almost to be holding her breath. He said, "You could have gone to a doctor, your own or the company doctor, and he would have given you a local anesth read Sex Story
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  9. Old is horny

    2/22/2019: Hi my name John, I’m 22 now. describe myself tall slim, some people say very femine, my story is about when I was 17, my parents asked me help old friends of theirs fix there cottage up. I stay with them a few days and get paid well. Now bill was about 72, he was tall like me but fatter. His wife Sue was small lady I think a year younger, grey hair saggy tits but cute ass I noticed that. We worked hard cleaning the mess ( and believe me it was a mess ) it was very warm and we all wore shorts and loose tops, and where exhausted by end off day. My shoulders where hurting me ( bad when old couple read Sex Story
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  10. Yes, I've tried Pee-Play

    2/22/2019: I've pissed in my own mouth a couple times. You know that urine is sterile when it comes out. It just deteriorates and becomes rancid fairly quickly. Some people drink it everyday and claim certain health benefits from doing so. But not first thing in the morning, like in some stories I've read. No way. It's just too concentrated, and I can tell you that from experience. I had a nice married couple that I "bulled" for over a year. She was 35, short blonde hair and very petite, 5'2" and maybe 110 lbs. She worked for an optometrist. He was 38 and was in construction, bisexual and in very good read Sex Story
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