1. The Barbarian,Part II.

    10/7/2019: Freydis sat on the floor of the cell chained to a thick wooden post.A door opened somewhere in the Abbey and she could hear the crowd still shouting,she could make out their shouts,they were calling for her to be beaten now,that they wanted to see her;she then heard the Abbess speak,but couldn't hear what she was saying,there was still a hum from the crowd. Freydis chained in the Abbey's cells. As Freydis sat she thought about what had happened,what manner of woman enjoyed spanking another woman on her buttocks? Freydis stil read Sex Story
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  2. Fucked by a Friend

    10/4/2019: Shaun is online. The message popped up on my desktop making that annoying pinging noise. The damn noise I could just not figure out how to turn off. The pop up stayed there as I glared at it. Old familiar feelings coursing through my veins, heading right for my lower regions. I sighed. I needed to stop the mixture of excitement, wrongness, and horniness from reaching my pussy. It was a sigh in vain. I was currently in a committed, monogamous relationship with a good hearted, successful boy called matt. In fact our 6 month anniversary was just around the corner. He was an amazing lover. Po read Sex Story
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  3. Naughty Stepdaughter p2

    10/3/2019: I sat wondering what to do? my little secret fuck session with my hot blonde stepdaughter had actually been shown live on the internet, and now one of the loud mouths of the area pervert Barry had seen it, and was bound to start telling anyone who would listen. 'So when's the next performance?' he asked in his next text, with a winking emoji. Then Stacey came down the stairs dressed in a long t-shirt and shorts, and looking like a normal teenager again, not a hot naughty sex pot. "I think we have a problem" I said looking over at her. "What is it?" she asked moving to the sofa and sitting besi read Sex Story
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  4. Limp No More

    9/30/2019: For years, Roger was limp. It was a combination of things. Anti-depressants. Age. Chronically jacking off to cuckold and nylon themed porn. His wife certainly didn't help either. She was drop dead gorgeous. Always made up to perfection with raven black hair and perfectly sculpted tits. She knew about her husband's struggles but she didn't know whether to be sympathetic or disgusted. She hated porn. She saw it as a form of infidelity. It made her feel inadequate and insecure. She also know about her husband's intense fetish for nylons. Perhaps she knew a little TOO much. He was obsessed with n read Sex Story
    Categories: Sex Humor Fetish Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: YLD, Source: xHamster
  5. КАТЯ

    9/18/2019: Постучавшись в дверь начальницы, Стас вошёл в кабинет. Резкий запах ароматного кофе резанул его обоняние. Екатерина сидела за своим столом и что-то набирала на клавиатуре и отмечала в лежащем перед ней бланке. Рядом стояла чашечка кофе. - Вызывали Катерина ...вна? - Да Станислав, вызывала. Проходи. - оторвав взгляд от экрана, и переведя его на подчинённого сквозь свои очки, с дорогой оправой, нулевыми линзами, которые она носила более для имиджа, чем для зрения. - Проходи. Хотела с тобой поговорить. Он подошёл к столу начальницы, повернулся, так, что стоять к ней боком, но лицо обратил к read Sex Story
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  6. Magic Dick

    9/16/2019: MAGIC DICK I watched as she entered the bar. She wore a little black dress, hemline mid-thigh. Probably in her mid-thirties: she sported perky small breasts and a trim figure. Raven black hair and porcelain skin. She was petite so had to struggle a bit getting onto the bar stool. I enjoyed the brief view of skin above her thigh-highs. I smiled at her and she smiled back. With one look we both knew what the other wanted, and it wasn’t each other. She was definitely a Coyote, in pursuit of young, hard-bodied, six-packed men with lots of stamina. I was in pursuit of GILF’s. We struck up a conv read Sex Story
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  7. Busty young woman and my crazy sex story in the ci

    8/28/2019: She looked very melancholy and had a faint sorrow on her face. The eyes seem to have traces of crying. When no one was there, I gently asked her: "Big sister, are you in a bad mood?" She said, "No." But I can feel her insincere. Well, there is a silky lament in the beautiful eyes. In fact, she was really beautiful when she was sad. There is a kind of sexy that makes men fascinated. At that time, I had an urge, and my brother was hardened from time to time. It is very difficult to get close to her. I tentatively asked: "Would you like me to eat? Big sister, I have been here for a long time, yo read Sex Story
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  8. A Night W My Exes BFF

    8/23/2019: The first thing he noticed as he walked through the door, was the s**ttered clothing. "She never could just change and take care of her shit he thought" Through the dining room door, he could see his exes friend, Madelyn, sitting there, toying with her ohone. "She's in bed passed out again", she said quietly, "She was so mean when she got here. I didn't know who else to call." "Its ok Maddy. Just let her sleep it off." Tim said. His thoughts drifted to the last time he found Danielle. Drunk and mean. She pissed him off real good that night. But instead of figjting...he told her how sexy s read Sex Story
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    8/8/2019: Hey, y'all, what's up, and how's your Game going? Have you had the chance to play a little since the last time we've heard of each other? Have you started to have the expected results in the process of generally improving your life? Well... I hope you have, from the bottom of my heart :) Anyways, today we'll get deeper in the Game and we'll learn more of how to play it the right way. So no more intro chit-chat, and let's start today's...lesson :) Among other things about the Game, in my last blog post I was talking to y'all about something called THE BODY LANGUAGE. YOUR body language I mean read Sex Story
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  10. Fucking my maid when Parents were out of town

    8/7/2019: Hey you horny bastards this is a story of me fucking my maid when my parents were out of town. so before we start this incident occured when i was 19 and i believe my maid was 21ish. so it was the beginning of a great summer vacation finally stress relieved after writing my JEE and i relaxed at home. my parents wanted to go to our village but i refused and said that i wanted to stay home and relax. so i was to be home alone for a week long. this was exciting for me as i finally had to time and privacy to jack the fuck off. every morning at 8am my maid used to come to clean our house. she had a read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature / Older First Time Sex Humor Author: JustAnotheeWriter, Source: xHamster