1. My Friend And With Her Best Friend Too

    7/5/2019: I n In the evening we were talking about her boyfriend. Neha was in relationships from 1 year and it was just three month passed when I loosed my virginity. We used to roam in our society and talked to each other. She asked me what I did of condom and lubricants. I told her everything what I did. She was shocked to know that I am not a virgin any more inspite I was not in relationships. I told her that I made them fuck my ass and pussy. Then read Sex Story
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  2. Grêve de train

    7/3/2019: Aujourd'hui, voyager s'annonçait compliqué. Je m'arme de patience et de zen attitude. Mon quai de départ s'affiche et comme d'autres voyageurs je suis le mouvement. Devant moi se trouve une demoiselle en détresse avec une valise immense (et sûrement lourde) avec une poignée cassée. Je lui propose mon aide avec un grand sourire, elle accepté volontiers et je la monte (la valise !!! Pas la demoiselle ;p ). Une fois sur le quai on bavarde un peu, je la mate discrètement : belle petite brunette avec un chignon, un joli sourire et un blouson léger qui cache ses seins, contrairement à son pantalon read Sex Story
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  3. Three Strangers Who Fucked Me The Whole Day

    7/2/2019: I am Bavi.26 [increased ;)] 30-34…I am an exhibitionist. So now this time I am back with a dare in the movie theater. I read Sex Story
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  4. ((+91-7073949883)) InTeRcAsT LoVe MaRrIaGe SpEcIaL

    7/2/2019: BABA JI +91-7073949883 molvi hafeej khan samsya hai to samadhan bhi hai har samsya ka jaldi samadhan 101% guarante ke shat molvi hafeej khan +91-7073949883 Nuri Amliyat Ka Karishma Har Kam Main Kamyabi 300 YEARS OF MY FAMILY HAVING EXPERINCE IN ASTROLOGRY Lakho dhukho ki 1 duwa molvi baba mera ilam chale ga saat samander paar sang dil mehboob hoga apke pass mera ilam or kam hi meri pahchan h.duniya ke har konne mein hamara ilm asar karwae hai sire klam-e-ilahi aur noori ilm se har mushkil se mushkil kaam problems solutions Lakho rupees kharach karne ke baad aapka kaam kyun nhi huya satye jano read Sex Story
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  5. 300 So, there we were in Cyprus

    6/29/2019: 300 So, there we were in Cyprus So there we were, in the 1960`s 20 years old British soldiers, seconded to the UN in Cyprus for 6 months. The island was an island of two halves Greek and Turkish with a United Nations neutral zone known as the green line Twix the two sides, Both Greek and Turks had a fair size military presence, and the UN had contingents from Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Canada and the UK. Austrians supplied the hospital and the Finnish policed the job the British contingent supplied transport and logistics in UN colours and in addition the British had a garrison complete with ho read Sex Story
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  6. Am I An Angel Or Devil Part 5

    6/22/2019: Coming back to the story…. After the fashion show is over the time was around 7 in evening. All the boys enjoyed the show and went to have a small night bath in the pool. Shyam ordered me to come to the pool. I was just standing in the side of the pool when they were bathing. After sometime shyam told me to wear the white bikini set read Sex Story
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  7. Pavitra Incest Saga – Part 1

    6/20/2019: PURE FICTIONAL STORY..... MY NAME IS PAVITRA NAME CHANGED TO SUJATHA Sujata’s fingers were moving with lightning speed between her thighs, in her love hole and her eyes were glued to the Laptop screen. She was not watching a steamy porn movie but was reading an i****t story, Mom seducing and getting fucked by her son. She read m read Sex Story
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  8. Brother – Boyfriend Of Lovely Sister

    6/12/2019: I My name is Pavi I am 24 years old and with figure 32 28 32 seeing which many people turn their head to see my assets.I m n read Sex Story
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  9. "Silkie in Paris 1991 from " No Anesthet

    5/30/2019: Silkie tells this story from Paris, while at a nightclub, twenty years later....She was with her friend Denis and her sister, Rachel. It was her birthday. Silkie was so happy and excited to be performing with her sister...Rachel had finally had her Asberger's diagnosed, not that it changed anything about how she lived her life................. "It's nice to have a name for being as weird as I am." Rachel was a piano phenomenon from the age of three, composing her own pieces at age four and performing at age five........Rachel, as a c***d, did not like to wear clothing, she would only have ce read Sex Story
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  10. Who Said What Quiz

    5/14/2019: "Hello, and welcome to 'Who Said What ?'...the not-for-family-or-wimps Game show where contestants have to correctly guess the identities of the conversationalists. I'm Kat and I'll be your host this evening. So, let's get this show on the road without further ado... Put your hands together, folks, and give a big 'Who Said What ?' audience welcome to this evening's contestants, Mr. D.P. Gumby and his wife's young sister with whom he's been secretly working the family vegetable allotment and reputedly shagging occasionally...the very lovely Miss Ophelia Ratcatcher-Bucket, who is 19 years old an read Sex Story
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