1. Naughty Stepdaughter p3

    11/26/2018: "I've got it" whispered Stacey, my hot blonde eighteen year old stepdaughter as she sat down beside me. "What?" I asked curiously. "For my next web cam show, I'm going to invite Kelly over" she whispered "Whose Kelly?" I asked "You know, she's tall, has brown long hair, really hot, and does some modelling for catalogues and stuff!" replied Stacey. "Okay" I replied still not sure which of her hot brunette friends she was actually talking about. Then she quickly headed back up to her room, and as always, later that day my loving wife and mother of Stacey headed off to see her friends, while I s read Sex Story
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  2. Sugar daddy to hubby

    11/13/2018: a middle class house wife from vizag Andhra pardesh. I am married to sumanth, an engineer in a private factory. I am 25 years old and I have been married for 3 years now and have a 2year old son. My husband works hard to give us a decent life but it wasn’t enough for me. From c***dhood I was a very beautiful looking girl. I always wa read Sex Story
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    11/9/2018: it was me and my brother who was a year younger than me living in a three room apartment. I was emotionally attached with my daddy whereas my brother was attached to mom. I always used to enjoy lying on daddy’s soft belly and would often do it whenever an opportunity existed, particularly after lunch when mom and dad used to have afternoon siesta. Mom had always been a hard sleeper and would sleep even under all the lights on and television playing at full volume. She would not wake up even if there was an ear read Sex Story
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  4. My Girlfriends Family P2

    10/20/2018: After that amazing sex session with my girlfriend and her mother that afternoon, things quickly returned to normal, except of course every one was still walking around nude as they like to do in this family, and then later that evening Mrs Green informed us Hannah's sisters and brother would be joining us tomorrow. Hannah seemed very excited about it, she hadn't seen Tom her older brother or his twin sister Carol or her younger sister Katie since Christmas and was really eager for me to meet them. "You'll love them!" she grinned later as we sat in one of the living rooms watching TV "They're s read Sex Story
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  5. Omega Hard Revenge

    10/17/2018: It happened when I was at the peek of my gullible no stage. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. But like they always say "boys will be boys". It's no secret that I stay hard. I can't help it even if I wanted to. It's just girls are so hot and sexy now days and you see them walking around in those (single most greatest creation ever made) leggings/yoga pants all the time. But that's beside the point. So my best friend tell's me that he did some lines of this fine looking girl and got busy. He was feeling her up and down, kissing and licking, moaning and talking dirty to each other. Th read Sex Story
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  6. My Dad! Best Dad In The World--1

    10/10/2018: I am doing my graduation. I am 5 feet 5 inch tall and age is 21.I am little bit fatty but have adorable figure. My boobs are big as compare to my age girl. My father is working in bank at clerk position. He is very caring and calm at home but at the same he is very strict on me .we are four sisters and two elder sister are married. Now i am living my litter sister and mom. Litter sister always listen to me .Mom is most of time on bed as she is not well and suffer from knee join pain. Now i am starting my sto read Sex Story
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  7. My girlfriend is great.

    9/22/2018: This is little bit of mixed things. Some probably remember my ex Becky being on here. We both ran this profile, but we're no longer together. Still friends which is rare for most, but this isn't about that. This is about my girlfriend. Her name is Erin and I recently uploaded a video of me cumming on her boots. Even used a photo of her lol, b read Sex Story
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  8. Am I An Angel Or A Devil – Part 3

    9/14/2018: Hi guys, hope you all had enjoyed my previous stories. Coming to this sex story.. After we had had sex all night shyam left for his house in the morning. As I was tired I slept till 1.00 PM. when I woke up I took bath and ate my lunch. During that time my dad called me. We were just talking normally and I told everything to him as w read Sex Story
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  9. Replicate Brothers Made Whore

    9/8/2018: Myself NIKILA(Name change to Sindhu), I’m 18 years old, student of Bachelor of Science in Biology. I’m average heightened gal, my boobs are 32, waist is 26 and butts are 32. I’m fair and have great face structure. Big round eyes, pink lips, long hair. A read Sex Story
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  10. Amulya fucking brothers friend Neeraj Part 1

    8/27/2018: I am Amulya, female in my late twenties, Married from last five years and have three year old daughter. This is about my having sex with someone other than my husband for the first time and since then I am in this sex relation as now I cannot resist myself from doing that. The person because of whom I somewhat cheated my drunkard husband was Neeraj Bhaiya, he is very close friend of my elder brother and I have always considered him my brother till that day since I was in 9th standard of my schooling. To s read Sex Story
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