1. Mai, the girl of my dreams

    4/20/2019: When I was twelve I met a new classmate named Dave, he and I became great friends hanging out, joining clubs and what ever else high school kids do. His family was from the Phillipines and he and his sister were the first generation born in this country. His sister Mai is the focus of this story. She is two years younger than Dave. I had a crush on her from the moment I saw her. She was one of read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Asian, Interracial Trans Author: luv 2 wear cotton panties, Source: sexstories.com
  2. Single Mom - The Reveal

    4/17/2019: “Clothes,” Rochelle hissed at her oldest son and his best friend Ty as they emerged from the upstairs game room over the garage. Each was wearing a white tank top and long leg performance boxer briefs. Her son, the fifteen year-old Coree, wore a pair of Russell brand with a lime green and grey print. His best friend, sixteen year-old Ty, had on Fruit of the Loom black ones. Their taut, chiseled bodies were coolly displayed as they entered the kitchen to forage for food. The muscular legs and dick prints would have been enticing to most young women. “Oh, dang! My bad, ma,” Coree apologized sli read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay Trans Incest / Taboo Author: faggyboi, Source: xHamster
  3. Shemale Kat

    4/15/2019: Monday morning Nikita was just awake, she was very excited today, she was going to start her new job as a secretary in a big sales company.Nikita is tall slim brunette, a high class model. She would make a good impression the first day, so she found her clothes on, which she had to eat, ate breakfast and then bathed, made a makeup with a seductive red lipstick. She took her long shiny nylon stockings on it because of her nylon stockings slipped from her legs, she peered in the mirror and was pleased with what she saw, she took read Sex Story
    Categories: Trans Fetish Masturbation / Toys Author: satinhunter, Source: xHamster
  4. My fantasy as a sissy cuck wannabe who lost his gf

    4/13/2019: Me BBW blonde gf Tracy has left me for her new man. A real man. He's found out that I'm a sissy and if I don't wear Tracys clothes she left behind over to his place and service his cock then he's going to expose me. I put Tracys clothes on under man own and head over. He answers the door and points me to the bathroom and says "Get changed faggot...you're going to find out why Tracy loves sucking cock today!" I change and exit the bathroom. He tells me to get on my knees and crawl to him. He's standing right next to a chair with a computer on it. I see that he is hard through hos pants already read Sex Story
    Categories: Trans Gay Incest / Taboo Author: cuckboy7373, Source: xHamster
  5. My first time with a tranny

    4/13/2019: My first time with a tranny It happened on a Monday morning. After waking up with a throbbing hard-on. I called up my regular booty call. But she couldn't make it. Because her husband stayed home from work that day. So I decided to browse Craigslist, looking for someone local. After posting my ad, looking for NSA sex. I sat back and waited. Within minutes, I received over a dozen new messages. But read Sex Story
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  6. ROAD TRIP A CD STORY Chapter 1.3 Truckers

    4/3/2019: No more than a mile up the road... I had to pull up my skirt and put a towel under me because my puss was leaking from these 2 guy’s constantly fucking me.. When we pulled into the station and got the pump running.. I looked in the car and Mark was fast asleep with a T shirt for a pilow and Steve said WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM; HE IS OUT?.. WHAT DID I DO TO HIM I COULDN’T MOVE FOR 3 OR 4 MINUTES AFTER HE WAS DONE FUCKING ME… YA ELEPHANT MAN HAS A WHY OF DOING THAT we both start laughing… AND YOU GUY’S HAVE FUCK ME SO MUCH MY PUSS WON’T STOP LEAKING… WILL WE CAN’T HAVE THAT… AND DO YOU THINK WE CO read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal Trans Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: sexytoy101, Source: xHamster
  7. Gap Year

    3/29/2019: With a low sigh, Charlie ran the back of his hand across his forehead, collecting the beads of sweat that the Brazillian heat had gifted to him before wiping his hand on his already quite sodden T-shirt, looking down at his open luggage on the rather meagre single bed with a serious lack of motivation. He should unpack, find his toiletries and find the shower, but to do so he'd have to search read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Anal Oral Sex / Blowjob Consensual Sex Interracial Oral Sex / Blowjob Trans Trans Written by women Author: XtinaSmith, Source: sexstories.com
  8. Have Faith

    3/27/2019: Faith let out a soft sigh and let her head fall back, her eyes closing as she relaxed atop her padded stool, elbows on the metal rail at the edge of the bartop, a slender glass stem held delicately in one hand, the other clutching the strap of her bag. She hadn’t really been sure what to expect when a few friends from work had asked her to come out and join them for drinks, there was quite the age read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Anal Oral Sex / Blowjob Consensual Sex Straight Sex Mature / Older Plumper, Trans Trans Written by women Author: XtinaSmith, Source: sexstories.com
  9. Gina brings pleasure to a sweet older man

    3/27/2019: I have an almost insatiable sexual appetite and am usually willing to have sex with someone after a few dates if I find them attractive and they treat me decently. However, I never suspected I might find myself in a situation where I would be having sex for money. That changed when I met a really sweet older man who just wanted someone to help him feel alive again. I am a read Sex Story
    Categories: Trans Author: SweetGina4luv, Source: LushStories
  10. Laundromat Tranny

    3/7/2019: It was laundry day. Vincent, or Vinnie to his friends, loved laundry day. It was a time to relax, catch up on reading, and listen to music while the washing machines whirred in the background. He was tall and ruggedly handsome, with dark, almost Spanish features. In his five or so years of living alone, he always cherished his trips to the laundromat. Walking slowly from his house to read Sex Story
    Categories: Trans Author: SeanR83, Source: LushStories