1. Trisha Did What?

    2/21/2019: Matt had just about enough. He almost failed his Civics test almost got detention and now the school bully was messing with him for the 5th time this week. When stuff like this happened Matt hated himself. He was barely 5'6" in his junior year of ighschool. He hated getting picked on by this guy he had to be at least 6'5" 280lbs and played football. Trisha had had enough with the picking and read Sex Story
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  2. Moguls - Creepin' & Background

    2/20/2019: Travis Jackson was a maintenance worker at a ball bearing plant. The handsome dark-skinned man had been married to Sheila since he was thirty. That had been eight years. They had a daughter, McKenna, together. His wife also had two sons from previous relationships. The oldest, Drake, was a thug and in and out of jail. The other, Sirvaughn, was a star basketball player with a chance to hoop at a Ju-Co in Illinois. His wife was in the shower as he texted his coworker Parris. Parris Lawrence was the human resources admin at the Trudexo Steel facility. He stood five-feet-three-inches tall and wei read Sex Story
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  3. Be Careful What You Wish For......

    2/16/2019: Be Careful What You Wish For.... My name is Monica and I belong to a prestigious magic school. It's a school that's so wealthy that students have nicely appointed private dorm rooms and even magical items for the wizards to instruct with. One afternoon after I had just finished my final exams I slammed my bedroom door behind me and fell back on it too tired to move. I was done for the semester and read Sex Story
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  4. My Second Real Lover

    2/16/2019: Larry – Larry was my first real date after Tony. He responded to a Craigslist add I had placed and we chatted for a little while. We arranged to meet the following day at a nearby hotel. I arrived there and checked into the room. Once inside I showered and put on a black lace bra (one of my wife’s that she wore on her dates), a black bodysuit, sheer black stockings, and high heels. I brushed my hair back and applied light makeup. I stood in front of the full length mirror and was surprised at how feminine I looked and, more importantly, how feminine I felt. I sat down to wait for my lov read Sex Story
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  5. Three some with a tranny and a woman

    2/12/2019: I had just fucked Tammy and came inside her sweet pussy and sucked Bree off too. We were all laying there catching our breath and I turned and looked at Tammy. She was beautiful and sexy and I wanted to spend more time with her but right now all I wanted was to make them both come several times more. I rolled and kissed Tammy as I caressed her body pinching her nipples when I had them between my fingers. She was getting hot and I wanted her really hot so she was close to coming again. My plan was to fuck Bree, however, I wanted Tammy to come too. So I kept caressing her and kissing her turning read Sex Story
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  6. Nutty things I've done while cross dressing

    2/12/2019: When I started cross-dressing I used to do the craziest things. I used to walk down my driveway, which was 400 ft long, in pitch black in the woods, no lights, not even streetlights, with scary dangerous creatures, like bear, mountain lions, coyotes, and more, all around. Dangerous as hell, but I used to walk down to the road in high heels stockings and a bra, with my purse, in a wig, nothing else. I used to walk up and down the street day and night like that out in the country in Hemlock NY. I used to venture away from the end of my driveway quite a bit down the road at night and cars would t read Sex Story
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  7. My first time

    2/10/2019: This is my story of why I became a CD and my first time getting fucked. My story starts when I was a very small c***d. I was raised by my aunt Stacy. I don't know much about my real parents only that they left me in the care of my aunt. Now let me tell you a little about my aunt. She was sexy, beautiful and a body to kill for. Every man wanted to take her to bed and just about every man did. And I guess that's why I became a CD. I always wanted to be just like her. When I was about four years old I began by wearing my aunt's high heels, of course they were to big for me, and would try to walk read Sex Story
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  8. Home Invasion Ch.02

    2/8/2019: He awoke with a soft little sigh and for the first time, he could remember he felt only warmth and comfort. For as long as his memory went back, whenever he had been pulled from the vestiges of sleep he was never afforded even a moment's respite from the anxieties and worries the waking world held for him. There was always something suddenly in the forefront of his mind to bring him worry and read Sex Story
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  9. Single Mom - National Park Part II

    2/4/2019: Coree Stewart turned the sapphire blue Cadillac crossover SUV into the parking lot of Loving Arms Community Church. His mom, Rochelle, was giving him as much practice as possible since he had gotten his learner’s permit. He enjoyed it and secretly hoped his sixteenth birthday in the upcoming March would net him a new car. Rochelle joined this church shortly after beginning the adoption paperwork for Coree and Jeramiah. All three enjoyed being an active part of the non-denominational congregation. They were just a few minutes late for Sunday school. She stepped out of the vehicle wearing an read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, Gay, Trans, Author: faggyboi, Source: xHamster
  10. Single Mom - Don't Lie

    1/26/2019: Rochelle was up early this Friday morning even though she didn’t have to be at work until 2:00 p.m. She was making French toast, turkey sausage links, scrambled eggs with cheese, onion and bell pepper, and strawberry compote. She fixed a plate and stuck a candle in the middle of the bread. She called out for the boys to wake up. When her younger son, Jeramiah, entered the room she yelled, “Happy Birthday!” She handed him a party hat and showed him to his seat. The birthday boy’s older brother, Coree, said, “Happy birthday, mane!” “Thanks you guys,” Jere replied. “Here’s your present,” the w read Sex Story
    Categories: Interracial, Trans, Gay, Author: faggyboi, Source: xHamster